The Conjuring 2 Movie Review


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The Warren Couple is back in action to investigate yet another complex paranormal case and this time, they’re tested by their own beliefs. James Wan has already got his credits for making low budget horror films that even teased the top-charting Hollywood filmmakers, who are in vain now. Ah! That’s a pretty good stroke that pulls of everything more commendable when it comes to saving producers’ money and spins them more profits. The Conjuring 2 is definitely a striking spectacular show that offers equal dose of spine shuddering moments and emotional portions too with excellent performances.

Six years after the ‘The Conjuring’ drama, the paranormal investigating couple – Ed and Lorrain Warren are back. After solving a hysterical case at Amityville, they are transported by situations to attend the serious case of ‘Hodgson’ family at Enfield in London. The spirit of an old man who used to live here before years has haunted the family’s youngest daughter. As they intervene, they’re bounded to more complicated situations, which creates more hurdles in their personal reflections as they try to solve it.

Something unique struck our minds as we watched the film. These days, films that cross the average running duration of 120mins often bag the verdicts – Could have been crisp and shorter with trimmed version. But this one having 134-minute duration never lets us down anywhere. The gripping moments keep us intact and James Wan has spread his technique of offering chills and Goosebumps on equal intervals. Say for instance, the first few 15 minutes itself offers an impeccable horror spell following which, the director doesn’t waste time in establishing the Hodgson family, but immediately bring up the paranormal crisis out there. The couch over the room corner, the shaking beds and the cupboards just knocking off the doors and on the other end, Warren facing her own paranormal push with Ghostly Nun is something beyond your imaginations. The ability of director to balance the spine-shuddery moments on pars with emotional quotients had worked the best results for ‘The Conjuring’ in 2013 and yes, it all goes the same here as well. We are offered some relief much alike the Hodgson family, where Ed plays the guitar for them and things are slightly breezy for few minutes. The emotional bonding between Ed and Lorrain is very well depicted and that’s the major strength perhaps here. When the final moments of The Conjuring had some open ending format, here the protagonist just locks up the possessed material (Yes, you see ‘Annabelle’ doll in the room as well). Moreover, Lorrain recalling the incidents from the first installment of a vision she saw of her husband’s death gets emotional when revealed here.

Vera Faminga and Patrick Wilson are the ultimate showstoppers here and they carry entire film on their shoulders. Be it little bit of humorous naughtiness, where the couple shares over words and the scene by climax, where Vera has desperately cries over her husband being locked inside and the way she tries to prevent his culmination is stupendous. The mother of possessed daughter looking always disturbed relates to her personal issues and the current trouble she undergoes. Madison Wolfe displays an appealing performance. The scene where she is proved guilty of pretending to be possessed and the emotional outburst she shows up by the window pane letting the Ed-Lorraine guess her innocence has been very well displayed well.

On the whole, ‘The Conjuring 2’ serves up the expectations of the franchise lovers and it doesn’t disappoint you anywhere. The film holds with intact narration and offers spine-shuddering experience in many parts.


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