Pushpa reveals Suriya’s real life heroism

A day after the critical incident and false blasphemies, Pushpa reveals the truth about Suriya’s great deed.

News 1-Jun-2016 10:51 AM IST RM Comments

Actor Suriya amidst his busy schedule and his hectic work managed to stop his car down the lane and save a woman being harassed by miscreants on the road. While there have been many conspiracies revolving around the town in the absence of actor, the victim named Pushpa Krishnasamy finally arrived on the picture clarifying on Twitter about the actual incident. Her Tweet reads, “Boys were threatening to break the glass on my car and were not letting me get back into the car and close door for my safety. Boys were demanding money from me. I was alone in the big crowd facing two threatening boys. They said they would make phone calls and take action. Thank you for stopping your vehicle and insisting that the boys not touch a woman. Your intervention was timely.”

Actor Suriya in return extended his gesture of thanks writing on his micro-blogging page, “In midst of all the drama appreciate your boldness for this message!!! Respects!! Please Take Care! Thank you All!!!”

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