Vijay’s Tirunelveli slang for Vijay 60

Vijay’s unforeseen attempt will be highlighting trait of Vijay 60

News 31-May-2016 10:34 AM IST RM Comments

Everything about Vijay 60 has been turning to be the headlines and not to miss the recent sensation that was created through a huge impact, when it was confirmed that Vijay would be appearing in two different avatars. Whether it’s a double act or the same Vijay appearing in different avatars is something we need to wait and watch out for. Meanwhile, there is one more interesting news about the film that Vijay would be seen uttering the Tamil dialogues in Tirunelveli slang. This is the first ever time, Vijay will be playing a chap of this region and is coming up with vigorous efforts to make it accomplished in a right manner. Recently, a romantic duet featuring Vijay and Keerthi Suresh was shot in the backdrops of Tirunelveli and it looks like, the shooting would be wrapped up in a shorter span of time than expected.

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