Idhu Namma Aalu Movie Review

Breezy tale with light and engrossing episodes

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Direction : Pandiraj
Production : Chimbu Cine Arts
Starring : Silambarasan, Nayanthara, Andrea Jeremiah, Soori
Music : Kuralarasan
Cinematography : Balasubramaniam
Editing : Praveen K. L

The journey of boy and girl from engagement to marriage with love, misunderstandings, past relationships and little cute conflicts popping up with a happy ending… STR-Nayantara starrer ‘Idhu Namma Aalu’ is an ample pick of ingredients that easily lets audiences reflect upon the screens, especially the young couples. The film is directed by Pandiraj and is produced by Chimbu Cine Arts starring Silambarasan and Nayantara in lead roles with Soori, Andrea Jeremiah, Jayaprakash and Jai appearing in important roles.


Silambarasan is a perfect Chennai guy, who has gone through a break up and is now engaged to a beautiful girl (Nayantara). What happens aftermath their first formal meeting with family elders and friends till their marriage has been narrated in a soft dramatic treatment.


When you’re glimpsing on the synopsis, you’ll have a clear idea that you’re going to watch it for the next couple of hours plus a dozen minute narration. Maybe, if you’re someone who wants lots of conflicts to happen keeping you tensed till the end and only to find the solutions at last, then you might not be engrossed. This is a very simple, light-hearted breezy romantic entertainer, which travels the same way as the journey of ‘Karthik and Jessie’ in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, where the basic conflicts would happen between them. Over here, it’s yet again a similar tale that happens between the couple on their way to get married. There are few references that have been made in the past that includes Madhavan-Jyotika starrer ‘Dum Dum Dum’ and certainly, Idhu Namma Aalu has rare tensed ambience. Most of the film is carried out through the strong substantial dialogues and the screen presence of Silambarasan and Nayantara. The other factor contributing to the film’s attraction is the witty lines of Soori. The songs by Kuralarasan get a decent reception among audiences at theatres, but he could focus more on the background score and cinematography by Balasubramaniam is just okay.


STR offers a lot of treat this time for his female fans more than guys out there. Usually, his films would comprise of action, mass and punch dialogues. But in Idhu Namma Aalu, everything comes in complete contrast, where he appears out and out as a lover boy. His screen presence is the biggest attraction here, which even eclipses the sluggish moments. Nayantara as usual makes her appearance in a much beautiful manner. The onscreen chemistry between STR and Nayantara as cited above is the greatest source of impressions. The little cute fights that happen mostly through the phone conversations is very much lively and instantly appeals to the youth cohorts. Soori playing the sidekick of STR and in fact pulling his legs with real life instances in the actor’s life brings out more laughter in the theatres. Jayaprakash as STR’s dad and the ones playing Nayantara parents have done their roles efficiently. Andrea, Jai and Santhanam appearing in cameo roles have done their roles decorously.

What works?

1. Simbhu-Nayantara onscreen chemistry
2. Soori comedy sequences
3. Songs

What doesn’t work?

1. Sluggish screenplay and entire film is carried only by dialogues
2. Lengthy dragging climax

Although, the absence of Pandiraj is so much evident in this film, it is completely based on the screen presence of STR-Nayantara, Soori and comedy tracks. This is a feel good breezy romantic tale that has more conversational episodes.

Verdict : Breezy tale with light and engrossing episodes.

Rating : 5/10

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