U-Turn Kannada Movie Review

Spellbinding thriller that keeps you edge-seated till its end

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Filmmaker Pawan Kumar brought forth a blatant change in the Kannada industry with his impeccable debut ‘Lucia’ that hadn’t gained its immense popularity for a commendable presentation, but the way he managed to make the public funded project successful. It’s been three years and everyone out there, especially the bloggers, online geeks and micro-blogging followers kept their inquisitiveness overwhelming to know about his next arrival and it all happens with ‘U-Turn’. The film stars debutant Shraddha Srinath, Dhilip Raj and Roger Narayan in lead roles with Radhika Chetan, Skanda, Krishna, Pavan and Kennedy in important roles.


Set in backdrops of cosmopolitan city in Bengaluru, an amateur intern Rachana (Shraddha Srinath) is handling a case study on few miscreants breaking the traffic rules by taking U-Turn by moving the divider stones on the Double Road Flyover. She pays a platform dweller to get the information about bike numbers and manages to get their addresses. On a particular evening after visiting the house of such a person, she is arrested by police as the victim was found dead by suicide. Sooner, sub-inspector Nayak (Roger Narayan) comes to the favour Rachana feeling that she is innocent. When he gathers the details about other vehicle numbers, a shocking truth breaks out revealing that all of them had committed suicide on the day she received their numbers.


From the word ‘Go’, we are held intact and gripping over the dramatic proceeding and we don’t get distracted anywhere. Pawan Kumar keeps everything clear on script papers. 120 minutes (That includes title and final credits, which remains too adherent to the script as well). Almost all the characters in the film are introduced in first 20 minutes and much prior to this, the actual plot itself is established. Trust us! The first hour moves at a rapid pace that you don’t realize an hour has passed by. Be it the investigative plot or the camera movements, especially the sound department is extremely astounding. The directorial skill of limiting the film to just 2-3 locations is worthy of appreciations and when you might think your predictions are perfect, you’re surprised with the twist during second half. A thriller without songs is always bliss and U-Turn has it all, where the background score by Poornachandra Tejaswi is overpowering. The logics slightly miss in few places, but that doesn’t show up as a major constraint. Sound department has done a tremendous job and these young wizards – Sachin and Hari who have been creating a new revolution in sound have proved their presence again. Sathya, Advaith and Siddarth offer a realistic depiction of visuals through their stark cinematography.


The greatest strength of the film is the perfect casting and half the job for Pawan Kumar seems to have been accomplished there itself. Shraddha Srinath looks too confident with her role and she just carries off her entire portions in a much effortless yet convincing panache. Roger Narayan is the absolute showstopper here for exerting his best efforts into the role. He never seems to be getting exaggerated nor underplayed, but pulls off the right impact with his acting. Dhilip Raj might have not much to perform by the first half, but the way he is interlinked with the mystery towards the penultimate sequence is really great. Radhika Chetan appearance might be off little prominence, but her performance is simply at the best.

What works?

1. Gripping screenplay of twists and turns
2. Casting and brilliant performance by actors
3. Technical aspects, especially camera and sound

What doesn’t work?

1. Nothing in particular

U-Turn is a must watch film and there are few films that break the language barriers and get its brownie points beyond boundaries. This is one such movie that doesn’t offer you an unique experience, but showcases the right method of storytelling and how a film should be made.

Verdict : Spellbinding thriller that keeps you edge-seated till its end

Rating : 6/10

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