Marudhu Movie Review

Marudhu might be a delight for village audiences

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Direction : Muthaiah
Production : Gopuram Films
Starring : Vishal, Sri Divya
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Velraj
Editing : Praveen K. L

Vishal’s latest outing ‘Marudhu’, a rural tale directed by Muthaiah features Sri Divya, Kolapulli Leela, RK Suresh, Radharavi, Marimuthu, Soori and many others in important roles. We bring you exclusive analysis on this film.


Set in backdrops of Rajapalayam, Marudhu (Vishal) is seen leading a peaceful life with his grandmother (Kolapulli Leela). He falls in love with Bhagyalakshmi (Sri Divya) dwelling in the neighbouring village and during this juncture; he has to combat the fists with Rolex Pandian (RK Suresh), a notorious thug and wannabe politician. He had brutally murdered the mother of Bhagyalakshmi and now she wants the justice to act and files a case through her father (Marimuthu), who is an advocate.


Marudhu doesn’t differentiate itself from the time worn village based stories that mostly travels on the lines of action, revenge and sentiments. The first half proceeds with some lively moments that includes the love episodes of Vishal and Sri Divya. The comedy portions by Soori offer more delight and although songs play the hampering impact on screenplay, it’s quite acceptable. But post-intermission sequences have more and more action blocks laced with violence that doesn’t impress the audiences, especially if you’re there with your family. One of the greatest highlights in the film is cinematography by Velraj and stunt choreography by Anal Arasu. D Imman has managed to get the best background score for this film, although songs aren’t really impressive.


It’s a tailor made role for Vishal and be it his looks and affectionate gesture and irresistible fist of anger, he just breathes his heart and soul into the characteriszation of Marudhu. Sri Divya fits the role of a village belle with so much perfection and her performance indeed has been better than her previous ones. After a long time, Soori brings the best hilarious elements through his portions and the theatres turn irresistibly breaking into laughter with his comedy tracks. In fact, he surprises us with his emotional act as well. Radharavi doesn’t get a much scope. RK Suresh as Rolex Pandian is the best highlight and he is sure to gain the big offers for a baddie role. Kolapulli Leela as Vishal’s grandma preaches and pulls legs simultaneously, though dubbing seems to be a little mismatch for her.

What works?

1. Performance of star-cast
2. Cinematography and stunts

What doesn’t work?

1. Time worn plot and concept
2. Screenplay in second half

On the whole, Marudhu possesses the traits of a hackneyed plot, predictable narration that reminds us off previous films made by Muthaiah. Let us hope the filmmaker brings out something new in his next outing.

Verdict : Marudhu might be a delight for village audiences

Rating : 4/10

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