Brahmotsavam Movie Review

Good performances eclipsed by slow paced screenplay

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Mahesh Babu’s latest outing ‘Brahmotsavam’ witnesses a grand opening today. The film is directed by Srikanth Addala and is produced by PVP Cinemas in collaboration with Mahesh Babu Productions. The film has an ensemble star-cast involving Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha, Sathyaraj, Revathy, Pranitha, Sayaji Shinde, Nasser, Vennela Kishore and many others. Mickey J Meyer has composed music and cinematography is handled by Rathnavelu.


The film set against the backdrops of a city, where we find Sathyaraj as a wealthy rich man and the head of a joint family. Happiness and celebrations are the words that define this family and there is no end to it. Mahesh Babu is the pampered son of Sathyaraj and Revathy, whom he adored wholeheartedly. Everything is fine and perfect until Mahesh Babu comes across Kajal Aggarwal, his father’s friend daughter. They bounce into each other and finally decide to get started with their relationship. Things turn out to be a turmoil, when Mahesh’s uncle sees them hug and kiss. The entire lives of this family turns upside down and now it’s up to the protagonist for making up the losses incurred and bring back the happiness.


When there is a film associated with the brand ‘Mahesh Babu’, it would surely offer something unique, neat and commendable. A belief that has been proved over the years irrespective of what the genre it would. Preferably, Brahmotsavam had raised the expectation bars with the same aspects and we are very well made sure what this film is going to be all about by the first 20 minutes. We’re introduced to a huge joint family and every character in the drama are well established and of course, we have a crooked person too, whom you could easily predict about the upheaval he is about to throw up as a conflict. One of the basic problems about the film is the screenplay that keeps you dragged over and over. ‘Family’ genres are something that everyone loves and yes, it would appeal to the family audiences, but it is not up to the expected levels. The first half has some lively moments, where the colourful weddings, the episodes involving Mahesh Babu and Kajal Aggarwal are very well pictured. But you cannot keep yourselves engaged with out and out dialogue oriented film. This film is something that Victory Star Venkatesh should have done and it would have surely been an impactful one. Yes, we are not blaming Mahesh Babu, but we expect something more larger than life from him. But on the pars, he deserves special mention for his daring attempt of not only playing the lead, but also producing the film (in collaboration with PVP Cinemas). It’s almost like a musical drama and Mickey J Meyer has done a best work on background score, although lots of songs that hamper the already-slow paced momentum. The biggest showstopper is Rathnavelu has capturing some of the exotic locales across India with his visual magic.


As known to everyone, Mahesh Babu just spells the best with his screen presence and you can’t stop loving him. Firstly, it’s Mahesh Babu factor that keeps us engrossed and his screen presence is simply superb as before in all movies. We’ll know that he is a rarity in Telugu industry, where his contenders break the dance floors and he is someone keeps away from it. But again, even his simple and funny steps gain our applause and that’s how he rules the screens. Kajal Aggarwal has tried to better with her mannerisms and her costume designer needs a special mention. Samantha occurs only by the second half, although she happens to be the narrator by the beginning. Her cherubic nature steals the show in few places. Pranitha doesn’t get much to score. Sathyaraj is simply splendid. Revathy is so much appealing with her motherly role. Others in the cast have done their best to perfection.

What works?

1. Mahesh Babu
2. Cinematography
3. Casting and performance

What doesn’t work?

1. Too outdated story
2. Lengthy and slow paced screenplay
3. Runs short off engrossing drama

On the whole, although the film is a family drama that has decent performances by actors, the writing turns out to be more fallible that keeps us restless in many places, letting us say one thing, “When will the film get over?”
Verdict: Good performances eclipsed by slow paced screenplay

Rating : 4.5/10

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