Pencil Movie Review

Quite a middling show that works out in parts

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Direction : Mani Nagaraj
Production : Kalsan Movies Pvt Ltd
Starring : G. V. Prakash Kumar, Sri Divya
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Gopi Amarnath
Editing : Anthony

The cuteness and innocence of a chap during the first film is always cherishing and GV Prakash is so much illustrious of this in ‘Pencil’, which was supposed to be his maiden debut was delayed due to some reasons and is finally getting its way to the screens. The film is directed by Mani Nagaraj, a former associate of Gautham Vasudev Menon with Sri Divya playing the female lead.


GV Prakash plays a well disciplined student at 12th grade in a much reputed school in Chennai. He has already fallen in love with a beautiful classmate (Sri Divya). In the same class, there is notorious Shaarik Haasan, who keeps deteriorating the peaceful ambience by creating havoc to students and even the teachers. Since he happens to be the son of millionaire actor and the entire management goes in favour of him. One day, he is found mysteriously killed in the class room. GV Prakash who had earlier held some clashes with him is cornered as the murderer. Will GV Prakash be able to prove his innocence and who’s behind the murder?


Filmmaker Mani Nagaraj deserves special mention for getting some realistic issues happening in some schools and how commercialism has turned the educational institutions into the business hubs. A youngster spoiling the entire school and how the management has been going in support of him; such issues have been very well narrated by Mani Nagaraj. But what turns out to be fallible is the screenplay that goes on with intact mode during the first half and by post-intermission; there is a drop in momentum. Although, GV Prakash’s attempts to prove his innocence and escape the situation has been very well sketched. On the contrary, the way how Sri Divya tries to unravel the murder mystery is quite unacceptable and it’s too far beyond her age and intelligence of characterization. The second half is supposedly to be seen in racy mode, but somehow misses to get crisper. The editor could have played a prominent role in getting the ‘CUTS’ done properly. But Mani Nagaraj in his writing as gained some cognizance from his mentor Gautham Vasudev Menon. Gopi Amarnath the man behind the stunning visuals in Pizza has handled cinematography and he has done a fabulous job. GV Prakash’s background score adds up more intensity to the screenplay and songs are somewhat good as well.


Although, the film was to be released before couple of years marking the debut of GV Prakash as an actor, he has done a good role as a student. Although, there are few drawbacks in his acting spell, he doesn’t let you down anywhere… Sri Divya looks befittingly perfect to the role of 12th grade school student and her innocuous looks do turn apt for her. The situations where she doesn’t accept the proposal of GV Prakash and later turns affirmative helping him during the critical junctures in his life is very well done by her. Shaarik Haasan, son of Riyaz Khan and Uma Riaz has done a tremendous job over his performance. Others in the cast like T.P. Gajendran, Oorvasi, Abhishek, VTV Ganesh and many others have done what is required for the role…

What works?

1. First half
2. Performances
3. Cinematography and Music

What doesn’t work?

1. Second half
2. Artificial scene caricatures
3. Editing

Although, the film has some drawbacks, the film manages to hold the attention of youngsters on the league of ‘Darling’ and ‘Trisha illana Nayantara’.

Verdict : Quite a middling show that works out in parts.

Rating : 4.5/10

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