KO 2 Movie Review

An intense political drama that you can watch…

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Direction : Sarath
Production : R. S. Infotainment (Elred Kumar)
Starring : Bobby Simha, Prakash Raj, Nikki Galrani, Bala Saravanan
Music : Leon James
Cinematography : Philip R. Sundar, Venkat M.
Editing : Kevin

The brand ‘Ko’ itself holds a substantial attraction among the masses and it has been generating the best hypes for the second installment, though the plots are different. The film stars Bobby Simha and Nikki Galrani in lead roles with Prakash Raj, Bala Saravanan, John Vijay, Karunakaran, Mayilsamy, Ilavarasu and few others in important roles. Debutant Sarath has helmed the project produced by Eldred Kumar and Jayaraman of RS Infotainment and Leon James has composed music.


When Chief Minister (Prakash Raj) is invited to inaugurate as an old age home, he is mysteriously kidnapped by a youngster (Bobby Simha). The news channels start flashing, police forces tent up and the operations get intensified, the political supporters get involved in the upheavals. But things gets into a web of twists and turns, when the real intentions behind the kidnapping are revealed with the buried past bringing the true colours of few political miscreants.


Youth and politics! Such instances always have a close connection among audiences and it intensely lets youth cohorts reflect unconditionally. KO 2 lives up to the complete justification of this paradigm. One thing that appeals to us strongly is that we enter theatres without any expectations and the unpredictable twists during the second half offers an impressive note. Although watching the film might have an impression of Telugu movie ‘Prathinidhi’ and 1998 Cheran’s Desiya Geetham. But the similarities just end with the kidnap drama, where the intentions of protagonist are different that sets them apart. Dialogues stand out as a major plus for the film, but it goes little irrelevant as there isn’t much to tag with the main plot or drama here. The first few minutes of the film say around 30 minutes might seem little sluggish but the momentum picks up at best by the point of intermission and some interesting twists in the second half offer a pleasant surprise. The characterizations are very well etched and this indeed stands out to be a neat element. The characterization played by Nikki Galrani could have been yet more engrossing. The background score by Leon James is pretty appreciable. Although we happened to come across lots of numbers on the track list, we have just couple of numbers and rest occur as montages and background score. The director needs special mention for bringing some real life political characterizations inspired on the screens and yes, he deserves a pat for his daring attempt of doing so.


After the National award winning performance, most of the show works by Bobby Simha carried the traces of ‘Assault’ Sethu in Jigarthanda. But in this film, he seems to have gotten away from this shade and considerably does a neat job. Nikki Galrani doesn’t have much to score and her role could have been delineated yet more substantially. Prakash Raj as Chief Minister just takes a sleep walk through the role and he is definitely a genius as usual. The conversations involving Bobby Simha and Prakash Raj have been very well portrayed and these actors come up with a scintillating show. Bala Saravanan for the first time has essayed a role that is completely different and something special from his previous films. John Vijay as a crazy cop does justice to his role.

What works?

1. Riveting second half and climax
2. Performances
3. Technical qualities

What doesn’t work?

1. Simple and time worn plot
2. First half with little sluggish screenplay

Overall, ‘KO 2’ despites carrying slightest flimsies manage to impress us vividly with engrossing screenplay and spellbinding performances by the actors. The twists and turns by the second half leading to a gripping climax with powerful dialogues and top-notch technical elements make it more appealing.

Verdict : An intense political drama that you can watch…

Rating : 5/10

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