Enakku Innoru Peru Irukku Music Review

Enakku Innoru Peru Irukku Music Review

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The title itself suggests that the film is surely a comedy caper laced with some action and romance blended to it. As you get to hear the songs composed by GV Prakash in Enakku Innoru Peru Irukku, it is obvious that the film is meant to amuse the audiences as best as possible. The film is directed by Darling fame Sam Anton and is produced by Lyca Productions with GV Prakash and Anandhi coming together after the grand success of Trisha illana Nayantara.

Kannai Nambathey
Singers: Gaana Bala

The album opens with the most celebrated classical love failure song from the ancient Tamil film composed by MS Viswanathan and written by Kannadasan. GV Prakash doesn’t go for too many changes or modifications, but instead adds up some extra beats and the sound mixing is done on with attempts to impress the audiences in theatres to dance.

Singer: GV Prakash

Much similar to the previous track, GV Prakash has managed to compose the tunes for impressing the same cohorts. The musical composing looks simple and hackneyed in places, but for sure it could pick up the momentum when watched with the visuals in theatres.

Dance with me
Singer: GV Prakash and Priyanka

It sounds like a song of celebration, where we get to see the exuberance spread out in mode of party. GV Prakash croons the song by himself and joining him in the track is Priyanka, who manages to make it sound peppy in places though. But again, there is nothing so special about the track and it is simply a means to impress the front bench audiences in theatres.

Singer: GV Prakash & Grace Karunas

Out and out entertainment should have been the motto of GV Prakash when composing the tune. It all happens to be done in such a way that none are concerned about the lyrical lines, but instead the peppy beats are catered to the tastes of listeners.

Theme Music

Though shorter in duration, GV Prakash has tried getting some innovative stuff spelled out there in the theme music. The dialogues of Superstar Rajnikanth picked from ‘Baasha’ are furthermore enthralling as well.

While all the songs are sounding in the same style, there are no excitements or engagements that make us love it as listeners. It is purely commercial genre and would have its realms only when viewed along with visuals on the screens.

Verdict: Quite stereotypical composing from GV Prakash

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