Why ‘Pencil’ director is happy about delayed release?

Why ‘Pencil’ director is happy about delayed release?

News 11-May-2016 9:50 AM IST RM Comments

Filmmaker Mani Nagaraj should have been the most desolated person at this point of time and maybe some cheerful gesture by this moment. It is all about the delayed release of his maiden debut ‘Pencil’ that actually had to mark the debut of GV Prakash on the screens. But Mani Nagaraj actually feels happy as he says, “Yes, it left me somewhat disappointed with delayed release, but the career graph of GV Prakash and Sri Divya shooting up higher than the time we had signed them is tremendous. So this would surely help the success of Pencil.”

Adding more, Mani says that major portions of this film has been shot inside the school campus and to ensure that the audiences don’t get bored with the same backdrops, they have used some innovative camera angles and editing techniques to keep things crisper.

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