5 reasons why you can’t miss Suriya’s 24

5 reasons why you can’t miss Suriya’s 24

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Few more hours for the most expected film of this season ‘24’ to hit screens and the anticipations are surmounting to the top of pinnacle. For the first time Suriya is playing triple roles and it is sure to get it all engrossed. We bring you 5 strong reasons that will draw you into the theatres for 24 without fail.

An unconventional Sci-fi thriller with emotions

Vikram Kumar has been handling unique concepts and genres throughout his course of directorial career and this one titled ‘24’ is a stark illustration. It is so much evident that the film based on Time Travel holds a prominence. Although the genre belongs to Sci-fi, it holds an emotional bonding between relationships.

Triple delight and 5 Avatars of Suriya

Actor Suriya has evidently experimented with different roles and looks in the past, but this one would be completely different from what he has done. According to Vikram Kumar, Suriya will appear in 5 different looks, which he was never seen before kind.

AR Rahman’s overpowering futuristic music

Academy award winner AR Rahman has left everyone awestruck over the album and is musical score based on different genres is incredibly at its best. Especially, when you hear the signature theme of ‘The Twin Brother’ is leaves an impeccable impact that you can’t wait to see the baddie ‘Athreya’ on the screens.

Most splendid looking Samantha and Nithya Menen

They are the most trending heroines on the top of game now and they’re seen in almost all the movies with big stars. The trailer reveals that Samantha and Nithya Menen express their exotic expressions and of course, their beautiful looks are more appealing though.

The top-notch technical extravaganzas

Apart from the promising star-cast and yes, the Academy Award winner AR Rahman, the brilliant carved visuals and Praveen’s editing cuts along with tremendous VFX, costumes and almost everything in the frame looks exotically astounding, which has intensified the expectations.

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