Director Vikram Kumar Interview

Director Vikram Kumar Interview

Features 3-May-2016 3:47 PM IST RM Comments

Having accomplished a stark feat of excellence in different genres and regional movies, Vikram Kumar of Yaavarum Nalam fame is back in K-town with an enthralling flick ‘24’ which has turned the global spotlights upon it. With just couple of days left for the film’s release, we bring you an exclusive chat with filmmaker Vikram Kumar.

Despites your Telugu film ‘Manam’ turning to be a great blockbuster, why did you choose to come into Kollywood again?

Wherever there is an opportunity, I would like to make use of it. I got a good chance to pitch Manam in Tollywood and it happened. Accordingly, 24 got approved here in Tamil industry and so it is now.

What’s the reason behind finalizing Suriya in 24...?

Of course, he is one and greatest actors in our country. I wanted to see who could fit well for the roles of a 24-yr old youngster and 60-yrs old man and he was the only convincing factors.

What’s the difference in 3 different roles of Suriya?

It all differs in the dimensions of their personalities and yes, even their looks differ as well.

You’re teaming up with Samantha and Nithya Menen for the second time. Any specific reasons…

Both of them are the best actresses in town, they are my close friends and more than all, they are so beautiful.

What’s the reason behind signing AR Rahman?

Reason (Laughs)!!! When you say the word ‘Music Director’, it’s AR Rahman who comes to your mind, isn’t? We desperately wanted him into the project because ‘24’ belongs to a sci-fi thriller genre and it needed lots of futuristic music.

How did you get the idea of ‘24’ script?

It all happened during the shoot of ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ and for years it kept brewing for what it is now.

VFX has a huge role to offer in ‘24’, isn’t?

Yes, VFX has played a major role in the film, but audiences would never know something like VFX has been processed. Mumbai based VFX studio has worked a lot on this project and has been supervised by a Frenchmen named Julienne.

You had earlier mentioned in an interview that Suriya will appear in 5 different get ups.

Suriya has now experimented with almost all the unique and experimental looks as before. We wanted to try something unique and different that he hadn’t done before. In this case, one or couple of looks wasn’t a difficult one, but to get 5 exceptional looks was a herculean task.

After Manam, you’re teamed up Editor Praveen again.

Definitely, he is one of the topmost editors in the country and he has done a fabulous job.

Your take on Thiru’s cinematography…

He has created a splendid visual palette for this film and it would surely be received well by audience.

Time travel concepts are so common in Hollywood. But least many do know that mythological book of Mahabharatha was the first ever masterpiece to introduce Time Travel. But what is the reason do you think this concept has been untouched even by many topmost filmmakers?

Definitely, I wouldn’t blame audiences as the reasons. They’ve always been ready to accept anything new told in a good and engrossing manner. It’s we the film technicians and artists who must come up with efficient efforts.

These days running length is often considered as a major factor. In fact, the first thing that audiences today notice in theatres are running length and they partially manage to make their own assumptions.

Content matters! It doesn’t matter for an audience for how long the running duration is. All that they want is an engaging film. Even a short film of 10 minutes duration becomes annoying for a viewer if it doesn’t engage them properly.

Just like ‘Manam’, would you be able to do a film with Sivakumar sir, Suriya and Karthi?

Yes, I would be privileged to do, but not with the same script of ‘Manam’ or something based on same theme. I am already on the pursuit of an ideation with such attempts to bring all these three actors together in a film.

Your mentioned that you’re on process of directing Allu Arjun in next Telugu film. So what kind of film it would?

It would be an action thriller.

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