Hola Amigo – Anirudh reveals his inspirations behind the title

Hola Amigo – Anirudh reveals his inspirations behind the title

News 26-Apr-2016 9:47 AM IST RM Comments

Getting addicted to his tunes is the only way or you have no options left out. Anirudh instantly captures the senses with his impeccably stunning music irrespective of its genre. The simple yet catchy lyrics and the power packed instrumentals and his vocalisms are more emblazoning than anything. Hola Amigo – As soon as the word became famous, it was more inquisitive to find out what’s the word actually mean rather than finding out how the song is gonna be. Of course, everyone is always assured that the tunes are surely going to be over the top. Sharing the inspiration behind the title ‘Hola Amigo’ from his upcoming album ‘Rum’, soon after completing his touring at Canada, he was there at Cuba for a while and over there got to hear everyone uttering ‘Amigo’ and this prompted him to go for this title. Hola Amigo – The Spanish word actually means ‘Hello Friend’ in English.

Rum is a horror-thriller featuring Hrishikesh, Sanchitha Shetty and Mia George in lead roles alongside Vivek, Narain, Amzath Khan and Arjun Chidambaram in important characters. The film is directed by Sai Bharath M and is produced by Vijaya Raghavendra.

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