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TIME TRAVELLING TO SRK DAYS OF 90s... You’ll love it..

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A Shahrukh Khan Vs Shahrukh Khan film! This precisely propelled an intense expectation among the fans, who were disappointed with the middling fame of their virtuoso over the past few releases. What instantly pulls you straight into this 143-minute drama (laced with thrilling chases for commercial purpose) is the stark realistic characterization of Shahrukh. His role as Aaryan Khanna is an elaborate depiction of the status that superstars enjoy. The openness over stars performing at marriage functions and inaugurations is something that not everyone accept, but SRK deserves tons of applause for this reason. So much of reality spread out everywhere on his role. The clash with the upcoming superstar and his conversation regarding this with his wife and his vanity van life is yet again inclusion. But on the flip side, Gaurav Chanana gets a toast of little artificialness. He becomes an innocent-turned-super brainiac easily avenging his once-matinee idol and now a hostile entity. Few logics kick out of the window as you would easily notice it. Say for instance, the interaction stars, where a girl is reportedly molested and Aryan Khanna’s crew have video footage of mismatch. Yet, how does it remain far away from the limelight of media glare. Yes, we do have couple of instances, but they don’t really seem to be an intriguing part.

5 minutes was something that Gaurava Chanana had wanted all throughout his life to spend with his superstar Aryan Khanna (both roles played by Shahrukh Khan). Gaurav travels all the way from Delhi after winning the local competition for imitating Aryan. He chooses the same way as his virtuoso – travelling without ticket, staying at the same room and hotel where Aryan started his life in Mumbai and yes everything is a replica. But when the so aspired meeting was to happen, it turns out to be a bizarre, where it becomes a hazardous clash between them.

Sharath Katariya plays a major role in keeping us engrossed through his dialogues... Bas Paanch minute tere Fan Ke Liye Nahi Hoga???? This becomes a major connecting the dots of the game. Whereas the climax action sequence could have been barred out, keeping it crisp and punch with the final conversation...

It’s been a long time, we enjoyed a SRK film thoroughly in the theatres and yes, this one takes us back to the years and days of 90s, where we fell madly in love with this star for whatever he did. He sheds off the macho avatar, doesn’t bump anyone with his fists. It’s a realistic drama that has a strong appreciation for filmmaker Maneesh Sharma of course SRK, the showstopper.


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