Theri versions - Atlee wants to delete, Thanu says ‘No’

Theri versions - Atlee wants to delete, Thanu says ‘No’

News 13-Apr-2016 3:58 PM IST RM Comments

Director Atlee and his team after watching the special screening have reportedly made some decisions. Much aware about the Twitter bloggers and the vigorous feedbacks that would spread faster like forest fires; they had decided to delete some scenes and a song from the final version. Some sources mention that Atlee was not happy with some scenes and a song as he felt that it is hampering the screenplay, especially the one crooned by TR, which comes at a crucial point of time. Feeling that the sudden placement of song would let the momentum drop down, Atlee decided to delete it, but producer Kalaipuli S Thanu reportedly didn’t heed to it. He strongly advocated that Vijay fans throng up more for his dance and deleting it would be more off a disappointment.
On the other end, sources mention that the team is ready with two versions, one the full and other one without few scenes and song. Based on the reception of first show, they will accordingly decide what would be screened from the next screening.

When approached the close sources of the team, they remain closemouthed and not revealing anything on this.

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