Aarathu Sinam Movie Review

Substantial script, but a better star-cast could have been fine

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Direction : Arivazhagan
Production : Sri Thenandal Films
Starring : Arulnithi, Aishwarya Rajesh, Aishwarya Dutta
Music : S. Thaman
Cinematography : Aravinnd Singh
Editing : Rajesh Kannan S.

A remake of Malayalam movie ‘Memories’ directed by Drishyam fame Jeetu Joseph, the film stars Arulnithi and Aishwarya Rajesh in lead roles. The film is directed by Arivazhagan of Eeram fame with Sri Thenandal Films releasing it. Thaman has composed music for this film and others in the star-cast include Radharavi, Gaurav, Robot Shankar, Charlie and few others.


Arulnithi, A drunken cop cannot get over the gruesome moment in his past life – losing his beloved wife (Aishwarya Rajesh) and daughter to a gangster’s vengeance. His widowed mother is so much worried about his deplorable situation and so is his well wisher (Radharavi), commissioner who assigns him to solve a mystery of serial murders happening in the same pattern.


There are certain things that we have to instantly grasp into our minds before opting for Aarathu Sinam. Even the original version ‘Memories’ starring Prithviraj and Meghna Raj in lead roles, written and directed by Jeetu Joseph has a very sluggish screenplay, where it really takes an hour to have the actual whodunit stuff to kick-start. Of course, the second hour proceeds with a much sleek and stylish style. In the name of remake and adaption, Arivazhagan tries to add up some emotional sequences involving the flashback moments of Arulnithi-Aishwarya, which looks odd out there. Somewhere, he wanted to recreate the ‘Eeram’ paradigm of narration and it doesn’t work out completely in perfection. Who deserves the most scintillating accolades is Jeetu Joseph for his story writing. Of course, his core inspiration seems to have been the novelist Dan Brown and as an intelligent escape you see the protagonist glimpsing upon his books ‘Angels and Demons’. The twist by which the cop unveils the mystery cracking the case step by step is really appreciable and the unexpected shock of his very own personal life interwoven is a stud. The songs aren’t found in plenty and with them being montage ones don’t affect the plot. Background score by Thaman pumps up some enhancements to the situations and cinematography is top-notch. Editing during the investigation sequences is a sign editor’s maturity.


Arulnithi tries to make an effortless performance, but in places remains so dumb, where he cannot react anything much more. He should really work on something more efficient to improvise his skills. Aishwarya Rajesh doesn’t get much footage. Radharavi is excellent. Robot Shankar comedy sequences irritate you as the script actually doesn’t demand his portions. Gaurav is average and someone on better replacement could have been best. When it comes to casting, the director should have opted for some mature actors like Suriya, Vikram or at least the ones from Vishal-Arya league. The casting becomes a major minus in this film and yes, it’s script that is the actual hero.

What work?

1. Story and screenplay
2. Second half
3. Background score and technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1. Casting of actors
2. Unwanted comedy scenes by Robot Shankar

Aarathu Sinam deserves a watch for its content as strongly crafted by Jeetu Joseph and Arivazhagan isn’t at his best as Eeram in directorial approach. Yes, the technical aspects are good, but if the film was made with a better star-cast, it could have appealed on the paradigms of Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu league.

Verdict : Substantial script, but a better star-cast could have been fine

Rating : 5/10

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