Kanithan Movie Review

Sufficiently engrossing! One time watchable

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Direction : T. N. Santhosh
Productio : V. Creations (S. Thanu)
Starring : Atharvaa, Catherine Tresa, Tarun Arora
Music : Sivamani
Cinematography : Arvind Krishna
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan

How often have you come across movies that are based on Journalism based thrillers? Maybe, certain Hollywood films including State of Play that prompted KV Anand to give a hidden stroke with ‘Ko’ or the latest ‘Spotlights’ that emerged to be a surpassing one. Getting down to South Indian genres, thriller always come with ‘Fistful action’. Even if Robin Cook’s novel had to inspire some to make medical thrillers, it would be barked out blatantly with such bizarre. Apparently, Kanithan sticks to the same genre, where the film supposedly based on journalism based thriller gets a commercial dose from filmmaker Santhosh, a former associate of AR Murugadoss.


When a young talented journalist (Atharva) working at an average satellite channel and soon to get a job at BBC is framed as criminal along with few more youngsters, he has to break out the mystery and bring the real culprits behind this conniving act before the lights of law.


There becomes a slightest perplexity when watching a film like ‘Kanithan’, where we are bound to the mix of some blunt promising theme, but eventually ends up to be a threadbare commercial entertainer. But again, Santhosh has tried to offer the raciness throughout the portions, now and then packaged with glamorous songs that are supposedly a stress-relief into the complex scenarios of protagonists running behind the baddies. More and more reminiscences of Thuppakki keeps popping up during the complete drama including the intermission point, where goodie and baddie are on the hunt for each other. The second hour has lots of unwanted sequences, which are deliberately and could have been avoided, especially the party number. As the film travels on predictable lines, what brings up some refreshing moments are the sequences involving Atharva and Karunakaran, which again resembles Thuppakki, where Vijay tries to chisel terrorists to kidnap his younger sister and trap them accordingly. Background score by Drums Sivamani, but the songs though mediocre are good to see in visuals for choreography. The stunt sequences are very well done. Cinematography by Aravind Krishna is top-notch and editing could have been better…


Atharvaa Murali has been pulling the best efforts to elevate his career graph and he works towards the best attempts. There is nothing on flaw to mention about his performance and he has improvised a lot over his performance. Be it dance or action sequences, he impresses. Catherine Tresa appears in a much glamorous show and yes, she scorches up with oomph factors in places, though not a necessary one for the film. The baddie actually steals the show with a pleasing performance and he is sure to have a promising realm in Kollywood. Karunakaran is good with his episodes and deserves appreciations. Sunder Ramu gets a decent footage to appear throughout the movie. K Bhagyaraj is convincing. Aadukalam Narain plays the role of Atharva father and his acting is proficient.

What works?

1. Basic plot of the film
2. Background score
3. Casting and performance

What doesn’t work?

1. Logic missing and lots of loopholes
2. More similarities with Vijay’s Thuppakki

Kanithan is quite a middling entertainer that deserves a watch for time pass and could make it passably convincing among the commercial film lovers league in spite of few tenuous elements hampering the screenplay.

Verdict : Sufficiently engrossing! One time watchable

Rating : 5/10

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