“I have the best on Bangalore Naatkal” – Bommarillu Bhaskar

“I have the best on Bangalore Naatkal” – Bommarillu Bhaskar

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There have many remakes happening at a rapid pace across the industries and now the biggest talk is Bangalore Naatkal, a remake of Bangalore Days is getting ready for release tomorrow worldwide with maximum number of prints.

On the eve of release, we at Top 10 Cinema happened to the crew of Bangalore Naatkal and here are some excerpts from our conversation.

“I hope I have done a best job with Bangalore Naatkal”

Bommarillu Bhaskar looks too confident with this film and he doesn’t want to include any comparisons. I am a great admirer of Anjali Menon’s Bangalore Days and I don’t want to say that I have outperformed it, but something good I have tried to exert here in this film. Everyone in the film has done a fabulous job….

Parvathi is an exceptional actress

Filmmaker Bhaskar is high on appreciation of actress Parvathi saying that she is someone too simple and never makes a show of anything. “She comes to the shooting spot with less crew and she has just one makeup artist. She doesn’t stress on anything. She makes sure that her job is done perfectly and wants to be best on her spell,” says Bommarillu Bhaskar, who continues to add that Sri Divya too has given the best show, by not imitating Nazriya Nazim, but doing things in natural and her own way.

“I have always wondered and envied on Nazriya” - Parvathi

Parvathi adding more on her working experience with Nazriya Nazim in original version, she said, “Whenever t here used to break, Nazriya Nazim would be cool and composed, but immediately, when the shot is ready, you could be wondered with her transition and how she becomes serious enough to deliver the mind-boggling performance.’

“I grew up with cousins and I relate Arya’s role with my real life nature” – Bhaskar

Bommarillu Bhaskar adding his comments on cousins said, “During my childhood, my uncles and aunts would ask my cousins not to talk me as I was quite rebellious. And we used to be like not so much bothered. We might look like poles apart, but everything till the street corner and then we used to go watch movies together and shoot the breeze. I could relate my role with Arya and of course, everyone watching this film will be so.”

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