Gethu Movie Review

‘Thriller’ by genre, but lacks it terribly

Reviews 18-Jan-2016 8:46 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Thirukumaran
Production : Red Giant Movies
Starring : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Amy Jackson, Vikranth, Karunakaran, Sathyaraj
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography : Sukumar
Editing : Dinesh Ponraj

Having got through three consecutive comedy capers, Udhayanidhi Stalin tries to get into a serious genre and yes, he picks up ‘Murder-Mystery’. Teaming up with Maan Karate fame Thiru Kumaran, the film has a star-cast of Amy Jackson, Sathyaraj, Vikranth, Mime Gopi and many others. Musical score by Harris Jayaraj and cinematography by Sukumar were the additional attractions in this movie.


An assassin (Vikranth) has been hired to bump off a scientist at ISRO and he arrives at a hill station for this mission. It’s the same place, where Sathyaraj is seen as a PT master and his son (Udhayanidhi Stalin) as a librarian. They are leading a peaceful life and somehow, they get interconnected with the issue and Sathyaraj is held as suspect for a murder he didn’t commit. Now it’s up to the son to find out the real culprit behind the murder and rescue his father.


Thirukumaran made an impressive debut directorial ‘Maan Karate’, which had an engaging screenplay and blunt characterizations. Well, this film really lets us doubt if the same filmmaker has penned this script. Although the running length is just as short as 118 minutes, it doesn’t keep us engrossed for its screenplay is so flimsy. The prologue we see before the title credits alone is gripping, where the introduction of Vikranth is shown and later, the film gets too weak with the narration. Even when we keep expecting that second hour could offer some engaging moments, it’s merely disappointments what we go through. Only the visual treat by cinematography Sukumar is the only convincing element we find in the film and the locations are really awesome. But both the songs and background score by Harris Jayaraj is more disappointing with loud jarring noise throughout. The suspense behind the murders and the reasons of justifications looks too amateurish.


Udhayanidhi Stalin has tried to show up some maturity in his performance. Amy Jackson has nothing to perform in the film other than walking up in skimpy costumes in the songs. Sathyaraj is at his best and he is impeccable throughout. Karunakaran tries to evoke some humour, but the laughter lacks terribly. Vikranth has nothing to perform other than walking like Bagpiper brand logo and others in the cast are sketched with feeble characterizations.

What works?

1. Visual treat by Sukumar

What doesn’t work?

1. Characterisations
2. Lack of intensity in script… Dragging screenplay
3. Music by Harris Jayaraj

On the whole, Gethu albeit being promoted as thriller lacks some substantiality in the script with too weak characterizations, which gets more irked with Harris Jayaraj’s background score.

Verdict: ‘Thriller’ by genre, but lacks it terribly

Rating: 3/10

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