Karthi's request to Parents

Karthi's request to Parents

News 8-Jan-2016 5:19 PM IST Krishna Comments

Recently Actor Suriya produced a movie named "Pasanga2" in which he acts as a child pshycharist who deals with the HyperActive kids and parenting those type of kids. With that movie still running in theaters, actor Karthi has posted his official facebook page regarding parenting and the post is...

My request to Parents!!

Recently schools have new classes and sessions for kids by the name of occupational therapy and rehabilitation. Please do not leave the children in these classes without your direct supervision or under ur surveillance through a cctv. I am hearing shocking news about the treatment of kids in these classes! Please never leave the kids off your eyesight, they are very vulnerable! ‪#‎kids‬ ‪#‎parenting‬ ‪#‎childsafety‬

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