5 things you don’t know about AR Rahman

5 things you don’t know about AR Rahman

News 6-Jan-2016 11:24 AM IST RM Comments

More and more celebrations in the world of music! His fans never make any exaggerations, but when the right time comes, they make sure that their inspiring idol gets the best acclamations. Last night as the clock ticked exactly 12, we saw the hash tag of Happy Birthday AR Rahman topping the twitter trends and we at Top 10 Cinema bring you something more unusual. 5 things you never knew about AR Rahman.

1. When AR Rahman made his debut in Bollywood for Ram Gopal Varma’s Rangeela, he never knew Hindi. He later learnt it through proper tuition when filmmaker Subash Ghai requested him.

2. When AR Rahman was really confused about his future with complicated financial issues, his mother sold the jewels she had saved for elder daughter wedding and bought him a keyboard synthesizer.

3. Initially, AR Rahman wasn’t much interested to continue his journey in films. After composing music for ‘Roja’, he decided not to focus more on films. But it was Mani Ratnam who advised him to continue the journey as his music should reach all over the world.

4. AR Rahman’s grandfather was a Bhajan singer at Mylapore Temple in Chennai.

5. When AR Rahman feels the pressure and leaves Chennai to visit a Dargah (shrine) near Mahabalipuram.

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