Irudhi Suttru Music Review

Irudhi Suttru Music Review

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After a long time, Madhavan is making his comeback with the film ‘Irudhi Suttru’, which is directed by Sudha Kongara and is produced by S Sashikanth in collaboration with CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment. The film features Madhavan and Ritika Singh in lead roles with some prominent actors. The film features musical score by Santhosh Narayanan with Vivek of 36 Vayadhinile fame penning lyrics for the songs with Muthamil for a track.

Vaa Machaney
Singer: Sean Roldan
Lyrics: Muthamil

This is the most intriguing speciality of Santosh Narayanan, where he doesn’t strain much with heavy percussions, but offers simple rhythmic accompaniments and makes sure that singers are on the top of clarity. Such is the eminence of Sean Roldan and he has carried forth the track with more elegance.

Ei Sandakkaara
Singer: Dhee
Lyrics: Vivek

She exerts an impeccable strength with her vocalism and this girl is here to rule with her realms. So much soulful that she keeps us yearning for more and the interlude works by Santosh Narayanan is over the top with some detailed music. Vivek renders the best work by this lyrical lines.

Maya Visai
Singer: Vijay Narain, Sri Shyamalangan, Santosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Vivek

Since, the film is more about the sports and wining the game of passion, most of the songs are about the motivational ones and lyrical lines by Vivek has been emerging out to be a fabulous touch and the singers – Vijay Narain, Sri Shyamalangam and Santosh Narayanan offer some endowments with their vocalisms.

Usuru Narambula Nee
Singer: Dhee
Lyrics: Vivek

One more emotional track that comes from Dhee and she pulls forth an immense effort with this track that adds up more intensity. The most emphasizing element we find here in the song is that the musical accompaniments and the rendering style by Dhee emblazons it all vividly.

Poda Poda
Singer: Pradeep Kumar
Lyrics: Vivek

The album ends with ‘Poda Poda’, a song that is completely dedicated to the winners running through lanes and warriors on the combat with fate. Pradeep Kumar is someone who could easily croon a track effortlessly and yet add up the best results as in his previous songs. This one brings more spirits to the senses as we hear it and will bring up more intensity over the screens.

Whenever, Santosh Narayanan comes up with an album, we can sit back and surely affirm that there is something unique about. Obviously, Irudhi Suttru is no exception and almost all the songs are compellingly inspiring.

Verdict : Strikingly unconventional and brilliant

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