Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Review

Brilliant-bold attempt, but screenplay goes the low graph

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Direction : Gitanjali Selvaraghavan
Production : Beeptone Studios
Starring : Balakrishna Kola, Wamiqa Gabbi
Music : Amrit
Cinematography : Sridhar
Editing : Rukesh

With the changing phase of ages, the perception of ‘Love’ and ‘Relationship’ has been getting modified, but with critical package. The relentless difference of opinions, misunderstandings and so many emotional upheavals has paved way to the divorces. Selvaraghavan has profoundly laid his emphasis about relationships right from his maiden debut and over here as a writer, he has implemented the same formulae. Although, we have Gitanjali Selvaraghavan as the brand of filmmaker, its Selvaraghavan has been the intriguing element of this Romance-Drama. The film stars Balakrishna Kola and Wamiqa Gabbi in lead roles with Azhagam Perumal and few more important actors.


The film is about the back and forth journey and reflections of a divorced couple (Balakrishna Gabbi and Wamiqa Gabbi). They are never made for each other, completely on poles apart. Things turn out to be more complicated on their second wedding anniversary and the couple decides to part.


Selvaraghavan has always tried to offer unconventional emotional dramas in the past and through his writing for wife Gitanjali debut, he bestows her with this asset. The plot is so simple and of course, it’s not an easy task to craft a screenplay, to ensure that the dramatic events are very well delineated. The first half strides through a groovy scenario and we are completely adhered to the screens. Everything remains to be a perfect spell and something shockingly repellent comes through intermission. It’s really difficult to portray certain sequences of ‘Adult’ theme with a blunt approach, but the directorial proficiency and screenwriting efficiency made it more appealing. The dialoguesa re hard hitting, especially the one we see by the end of film involving the couple in confession is something that many filmmakers could never imagine about. On the flip side, there are some slow moments and the sequences are pretty predictable…. The technical quotients are little disappointing and if Selvaraghavan signed someone like Yuvan Shankar Raja, it would have been more enhancing.


Selvaraghavan undoubtedly carry forth a big mammoth panorama for the actors. In all likelihood, debutant Balakrishna Kola, though a replica of many protagonists of Selva’s previous films including Ravi Krishna in 7G Rainbow Colony, tries to convey his emotions perpetually. But the ultimate showstopper in this movie is none other than Wamiqa Gabbi. She lives completely into the characterisation and is quite unimaginable on how she could make it appealingly stunning. Her performance in each and every scene is done with an impressive panache. Azhagam Perumal is colossal as a father and his emotional conversations are reflections of many in the real lives. The other actors in the role of friends are pretty good in their show.

What works?

1. The daring attempt of Gitanjali to make a film with ‘Bold’ theme.
2. Selvaraghavan’s touch
3. Brilliant performance of actors

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay slightly turns inefficient to keep us engrossed
2. Characterisation
3. Music

Although the first hour proceeds with more impressive moments, the screenplay slightly loses the momentum by post-intermission sequences. If the writers had opted to make the second half with some newfangled dimensional narration, it could have added some more depth.

Verdict : Brilliant-bold attempt, but screenplay goes the low graph

Rating : 4.5/10

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