Gethu Music Review

Gethu Music Review

Music Reviews 26-Dec-2015 11:01 AM IST RM Comments

They have come up with some commendable albums in the past, which were purely commercial entertainers. Udhayanidhi Stalin and Harris Jayaraj on the button have tried experimenting something unique with ‘Gethu’, a mystery thriller starring Udhay-Amy Jackson in lead roles with Vikranth, Sathyaraj and Karunakaran seen in important roles. We bring you the exclusive music review of this film that comprises of 5 tracks.

1. Thillu Mullu
Singers: Naresh Iyer and Ranina Reddy

Right with the combination of this song title and the singers out there, you could easily grasp out what could be the overall genre of this number. There are few elements in the song from the rhythmic pattern that doesn’t set well, but overall, we get some laudable performance by Naresh Iyer, who croons out efficiently.

2. Thaen Kaatru
Singers: Haricharan and Shaasha Tirupati

When it comes to beautiful mellisonant spell, Harris Jayaraj remains unbeatable and this time, he gets more and again with his familiar work and of course, the result is splendid. The song gets to be a slow poison and would surely have its realms across the league of music lovers shortly.

3. Yevanda Ivan
Singer: Mc Vickey and Sharmila

Harris Jayaraj isn’t someone who could rule the ‘Rap’ world and there have been times, when he has failed miserably with the works inspired by some famous tracks of this genre. Naturally, this one isn’t an exception and we get to hear some traces of best songs of ‘Rap’ by leading artists. Grammy Award winner Mc Vickey gives his best, but it’s Sharmila scoring brownie points, though song is below average.

4. Adiyae Adiyae
Singer: Karthik, Shamili

Completely disappointing, where there is nothing new about the track that is composed by Harris Jayaraj. The music director despite have a long run in the industry should attempt to come out of his usual paradigms and surprise the listeners with something unique and new.

5. Mutta Bajji
Singers: Gana Vinoth, Anthony Dass, Maran Gaana Viji and Ebisa

While most of the albums by Harris Jayaraj have been melodious package, right throughout this year, he has tried to add one ‘Gaana’ number to expand his territory into the ‘Mass’ zone and this one is such an illustration. It’s again a mediocre and might get some score due to witty lines out there.

Overall, the songs in ‘Gethu’ are just average with the first couple of numbers turning to little convincing. Let us wait and watch out how picturing add some extra intensity to the songs with visuals. But for now, this is not the best from Harris Jayaraj.

Verdict : Nothing special! Harris beats the bush again

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