Bhooloham Movie Review

 Powerful theme but comes more ‘Preachy’

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Direction : N. Kalyanakrishnan
Production : Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Nathan Jones, Ponvannan
Music : Srikanth Deva
Cinematography : S. R. Sathish Kumar
Editing : V. T. Vijayan

When something absolutely strikes our attention with ‘Corporate’ and ‘Business’, it could be easily related with some proficient filmmakers from Bollywood, especially Madhur Bhandarkar, where the project on the corporate Kingdom magnifying the miniscule microscopic crimes that gets hidden from the spotlights. There is a sequence, where Jayam Ravi yells out with a message by end of show, “If you come across any murder on the streets, any religious groups involved in confrontations besides your lanes or something havoc around your locales, just propel your rational thinking rather than ignoring it. Behind every such mishap, there lies beneath a crucial game played by big sharks and Corporate Kingpins”. Something quite reminiscent of the angry young man Mithran IPS spelling out similar words in Thani Oruvan.

Both the films have this combat embarked on against the reigning personalities in Corporate, where murders aren’t crimes, but money minting secrets. Over here, it’s about an amateur boxer from the locales of North Chennai, who is pushed into an unbearable turmoil while entering a boxing championship tournament hosted by an upcoming satellite TV channel.


When Bhooloham (Jayam Ravi), an amateur boxer realises that everything in the boxing tournament is a fixing by the CEO (Prakash Raj) of an upcoming satellite channel, he sets out to settle the scores not with the world’s psychotic wrestler, but with the fraudulent game plans of the top league producers and sponsors.


An intriguing drama that sets out with right pace throughout the course, but slightly gets away to the routine part during the latter part.... We meant to say that it’s a perfect drama, where the story races with right momentum and if some hackneyed moments were avoided, it could have been more better. The scenes involving Ravi and Trisha with some intimacies and naughtiness are narrated with perfection. The toughness in the characterisation of Jayam Ravi and Prakash is awe inspiring, especially the scene, where both of them confront each other verbally for arguments is the best cherry-pick. The latter hour could have been best though and there are few scenes like Jayam Ravi instantly giving messages inside the boxing ring after heavy match. It’s been time worn stuff and such things should have obtained some new treatment. The musical score is just okay and editing deserves the best appreciations.


We have cited it above about the characterisation of Jayam Ravi and Prakash Raj to a greater extent. They are the main pillars of this show and their performance is astounding. The physical efforts of Jayam Ravi and mannerisms of Prakash Raj, where he represents the true shade of how the executives and top league personalities of Corporate networks and TV channels behave has been very well projected. Trisha gets to score best with her portions, though her looks are little aged. Ponvannan has breathed more life into his role and Shamuga Rajan is best with his part. Others in the cast have their equal prominence.

What works?

1. Filmmaker Kalyan Krishnan’s ability to pick a new concept with reality shades.
2. Dialogues by SP Jhananathan
3. The hard work of Jayam Ravi

What doesn’t work?

1. There are few places in the screenplay with flaws and momentum dropping.
2. It’s a hard raw drama without any commercial elements.

As the year comes to an end, Jayam Ravi definitely can keep himself happy with contenemnt of exerting a magnanimous performance and so for the debutant filmmaker Kalyana Krishnan, who struggled a lot with the heavy delay. This film proves to the core ‘Content is King’ and yes, if the screenplay was little tuned to engrossing status, the film would have been more and more appealing.

Verdict : Powerful theme but comes more ‘Preachy’

Rating : 4.5/10

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