5 Things that makes Superstar Rajnikanth an ‘Adorable’ person

5 Things that makes Superstar Rajnikanth an ‘Adorable’ person

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This day has always been an event for many millions and especially to the Superstar Rajnikanth fans. Today as the actor turns 65, he is still the most favourite of every kid and child to the grandpas and nannies. Such is the charismatic appeal he has spelled evidently across the years. We at Top 10 Cinema bring you 5 things that make Superstar Rajnikanth an ‘Adorable’ person.

Do your duty and forget the results

It’s something more common we hear from the star. He often says, “Do your duty and don’t wait for the results. Leave them upon the God’s hands.” The actor has been such an immense personality strictly following this principle.

Don’t brood over failures

It’s an inevitable things in our lives, where we are instantly broken by the failures and don’t look upon great things ahead of time to come. Rajnikanth always assures that he isn’t concerned about win or lose, but constantly keep working.

Work till you breathe

When many media channels and some miscreants started creating stories that Superstar Rajnikanth wouldn’t be appearing any more in films and when everyone thought that it’s the end of his career, he struck back with a bang acting in experimental movies like ‘Kochadaiyaan’ and ‘Lingaa’. Even at the age of 65, he doesn’t want to give up and is simultaneously working on huge projects like Kabali and Endhiran 2.

Good nature acts as ‘Magnet’

Everyone has wondered on what makes him so much attractive in spite of his dark toned skin and ordinary looks. It’s his good nature and a sense of spirituality that attracts millions towards him.

Never get addicted to ‘Praises’

It happens that when someone is on the top, we are obviously carried away by the words of praises. But don’t be addicted to them. Just keep working hard and harder so that the pride doesn’t conquer you.

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