Uppu Karuvadu Movie Review

Simple concept narrated with neat presentation

Reviews 28-Nov-2015 10:08 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Radha Mohan
Production : First Copy Pictures, Night Show Cinema
Starring : Nandita, Karunakaran
Music : Steeve Vatz
Cinematography : Mahesh Muthuswami
Editing : T. S. Jay

Showbiz is always considered as a ‘Dream World’ and audiences throng into the theatres basking in the enjoyment of more fun and fantasy to be gratified. But least many do know about the upheavals and psychological turmoil faced by the filmmakers and everyone involved in the filmmaking process. Uppu Karuvadu is an ample evidence of such illustrations picked up by Radha Mohan and narrated in a hilarious way.


Karunakaran has come across quite a pathetic journey. His two films were dropped in the midway and he is desperately looking out for a producer as last hope. MS Bhaskar, a leading fish baron across the coastal shores of Chennai comes forward to fund his project, but under one condition that his daughter (Nanditha) should be posed as heroine.... Rest of the film is about certain characters and situations playing havoc and hampering his filmmaking process. Will he managed to overcome the hurdles or succumb to fate is narrated in a hilarious style.


There were once a phase in cinema, where movies based on film industry weren’t really appealing to the audiences’ interest. But, in the recent times, we find them being enjoyed and this is merely because of lots of amateur short filmmakers and many having their own experience, which was until then considered as just a hidden world. Radha Mohan has handled the script with entertainment factors, where sometimes, even the dull moments click well due to witty dialogues.

Perfect characterisations become the intriguing part of the film, where most of them are completely funny to tickle our funny bones. Another fact is that the characters ridiculing each other with the concept of ancient style dialogues and newfangled modifications during the script discussions attract all. In this season of heavy trolling, Radha Mohan has carefully understood the situation and adapts the treatment of script to it accordingly.

However, there are some dragging portions, which could have been trimmed and in contrast, it doesn’t look like a huge barrier in enjoying the film. Musical score is just average and the music director could have tried offering some good background score. Cinematography looks little bleached up in the backdrops of coastal zone. It could have been much cooler to keep the viewers in sangfroid moments.


Karunakaran was so far considered to be the one delivering comedian roles, but here he showcases an impeccable performance. Although he looks serious with his own confusions and disturbances, we find the situations funnier. But when he breaks out emotionally towards Maarimuthu for creating hassles for the film’s release, he does a marvellous job. Nanditha in dual shades as an amateur actress and artist before the lens does a good job. MS Bhaskar is the absolute showstopper and he can ardently thank Radha Mohan for offering him such a great role. Chaams, Mayilsamy, Sham, Kumaresan, and Doubt Senthil offer their toast of unlimited laughter in places.

What works?

1. Screenplay
2. Humorous treatment to the script.
3. Characterisations and performance

What doesn’t work?

1. Cinematography
2. Music
3. Little dragging in places

Uppu Karuvadu savours to the tastes of audiences who have been deliberately looking up for neat cool comedy entertainers.

Verdict: Simple concept narrated with neat presentation

Rating : 5/10

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