Inji Iduppazhagi Review

Good message, but flimsy presentation

Reviews 27-Nov-2015 1:11 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Prakash Kovelamudi
Production : PVP Cinema
Starring : Arya, Anushka Shetty, Sonal Chauhan
Music : M. M. Keeravani
Cinematography : Nirav Shah
Editing : Prawin Pudi

Never mind about the external beauty. Your life becomes beautiful, when you self-realise the inner beauty and start adoring it. Filmmaker Prakash Rao, it looks like, he wanted to deliver an entertaining film based on this message with someone who could deliberately offer an impeccable performance and that’s where Anushka Shetty comes into picture.


The film is about Sweetie (Anushka Shetty), who is so much on the painful lanes, for almost all the men rejecting the marriage proposal. The reason – She is overweight and as you know she has lost her basic level of eligibility. Her life takes a turn when a handsome documentary filmmaker (Arya) comes in. Meanwhile, the city is so much addicted to ‘Size Zero’ fever, where women are unceasingly joining the session to lose weight without much exercise or diet. Situations turn worse when the close friend of Sweetie, a wannabe beauty pageant suddenly attacked by serious health issues of being trained at Size Zero Fitness Hub, owned by Prakash Raj.


Firstly, what can be acclaimed about this film is the groovy conceptualisation of theme. There are some women and men, who are predominantly addicted to Size Zero. But in contrast, South Indians usually love girls with some chubby looks, though not overweight. But Size Zero is something is severely practiced to be achieved in Western and Northern States of India. Moreover, there isn’t any need to purposely thrust Anushka Shetty into the project and if the makers had believed ‘Content is King’, the could have gone ahead and got someone, who is really fatter, as we saw a reality show named ‘Olli Belly’. The artificial bulky look of Anushka is obviously so artificial. Of course, few women would really enjoy the portrayal of few scenes, which involves the private issues they face, something we see by the beginning of film, where mother (Urvasi) tries to hook up the zip for Anushka’s blouse. It might look raw, but something you call it as a ‘Madhur Bhandarkar’ making a humour reality film.

What goes wrong with the film is its course of journey travelling towards various corners. It could be a serious issue based on a wannabe beauty pageant struggling with health issues due to her instant need to shed down weight. Of course, this is something more prevalent in contemporary society.

Musical score by MM Keeravani is an apt treat for Telugu audiences, but the abrupt Tamil translation doesn’t get us adhered. Cinematography is beautiful with the backdrops in every frame looks realistic.


When it comes to performance, Anushka needs a ton of appreciation for being a part of this project. Who imagined she could be the Queen Latifah of Kollywood. But the director could have shaped up her role more convincingly, rather than getting us dragged in places. She doesn’t earn our sympathy in places and we were supposed to clap when she decides to go through the transformational process. But everything stops halfway. At the end, it becomes a routine love story, where Possessiveness plays an intriguing part in uniting the lovers. Arya looks doubtful throughout the film and except the charm he can pass on to the girls in theatres screaming out from the edge of their ribs. Prakash Raj looks ridiculous. Oorvasi is best as usual and others in the cast are a mix of mediocre and good ones.

What works?

1. Anushka Shetty
2. Basic theme and message conceptualised.
3. Cinematography looks colourful

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Unintentional episodes.
3. Music

Inji Iduppazhagi is a film with good concept, but it literally slips down halfway with fallible writing and too many distracting episodes. The director should have stuck one intention or theme and convincingly presented it.

Verdict : Good message, but flimsy presentation

Rating : 4/10

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