Thoonga Vanam Movie Review

Decently crafted with good thrill moments

Reviews 11-Nov-2015 11:35 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Rajesh M. Selva
Production : Raaj Kamal Films International & Sri Gokulam Movies
Starring : Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj, Trisha, Kishore, Sampath
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : Sanu John Varghese
Editing : Shan Mohammed

Kamal Haasan is always up with newfangled dimension of filmmaking and his story telling method is always to the core of unparalleled perfection. Well, Thoonga Vanam is a vociferous remake of French movie ‘Sleepless Night’, where few modifications in certain scenes have been made to suit the Tamil audiences. The film is directed by debutant Rajesh M Selva and is produced by Kamal Haasan’s home banner of Raj Kamal Films International. Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Kishore, Sampath and Yugi Sethu have played the lead roles.


When Diwakar (Kamal Haasan) and his colleague (Yugi Sethu) at Narcotics Bureau trap a car with drug peddlers and one of them is shot dead. Hours later, Diwakar gets a call from powerful Drug Lord (Prakash Raj) to return back the drugs or else his son would be killed. The entire story happens over a night time inside a luxurious pub Insomnia, where other cops have already reached there before Diwakar and gangsters start triggering their bullets.


Well, for the ones who have curiously watched the French version of ‘Sleepless Night’, the film might not impress them vividly for the comparison of vividness. But there are certain things in the movie, which brings out the unparalleled innovativeness of Kamal Haasan. Say for instance, the song aired on FM and suddenly tuned to Suprabatham signifying the time of wee hours followed by the pub crowd indirectly showing that it’s midnight is something different. Usually, the visuals would have a text claiming the time is Morning 4.30 and so on, but this one is really appreciable. Kamal Haasan’s chirpy mannerisms and his ability to boldly show the lesbian girls kissing at pub is really appreciable for his boldness. To be precise, if the running length was again trimmed to 100 minutes, it would have been more engaging. The first half has lots of high paced momentum and the second half slightly drops down the pace. What should be appraised with high acclaims is the background score by Ghibran. He keeps up the tempo even in some sluggish sequences with more emblazoning music. Sanu Varghese evidently has worked a lot on lightings, which make it more attractive on the screens.


Kamal Haasan is an impeccable genius and you have no words to delineate or analysis his performance. Trisha has tried to give her best in places and has worked a lot on her stunt sequences with Kamal Haasan. Prakash Raj effortlessly sleepwalks through the role of a gangster and Sampath as usual gives the best shot. Yugi Sethu is good. Asha Sharath might not gets the substantial footage as in Drishyam, but her role is cute and appreciable. Kishore does exactly what is offered to him and the little boy playing Kamal Haasan’s son is excellent.

What works?

1. Brilliant casting and outstanding performance of actors.
2. Cinematography and Background score
3. First half with racy moments

What doesn’t work?

1. The second half is quite lengthy.
2. The film might not appeal to rural and sub-urban audiences.

To make an incisive mark, Thoonga Vanam holds spectacular spell through its technical quotients and brilliant performances of actors. But for the ones, who have already seen the original version in French (the makers don’t display the original inspiration more than 2 seconds by opening credits though), it might be a decent show, but not exceedingly exceptional.

Verdict: Decently crafted with good thrill moments

Rating: 5.5/10

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