Kamal Haasan – Expanding the territories of cinema beyond boundaries

Kamal Haasan – Expanding the territories of cinema beyond boundaries

News 7-Nov-2015 11:30 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Every year, this happens and we ought to get on the pursuit of finding some extraordinary words or superlative phrases. But then, there comes a scenario or perhaps a situation, when you’re insisted to write upon cinema, 50 years of history or something beyond it. How could you make it? In all likelihood, Kamal Haasan has such an impeccable journey, where his life is imbibed to cinema from his early childhood. The words ‘Kamal Haasan’ and ‘Cinema’ are inseparable and constantly adhered to each other. Anyone at the age beyond 60 would easily retire with establishment of secondary business or trade that earns them money at an ease. But he has stupendously reached beyond such prescribed limitations and guess what? He has three films released in 2015, which is based on different genres. Kamal Haasan is definitely of the greatest actors of rarity in Indian cinema, who has always been eager to shed out the pre-existing hero image on the screens.

Getting beyond movies, his affinity for spiritual and political revolutions is definitely one of the most praiseworthy acclaimations that he deserves. He has been an atheist, but the messages he conveys and the activities he is involved in philanthropic acts.

“One need not go to heaven after passing away from this world, but can create heaven here. We must become heaven with our deeds for others,” said Kamal Haasan and of course, this is an art of spirituality.

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