5 reasons that turns spotlights on Thoongavanam

5 reasons that turns spotlights on Thoongavanam

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Kamal Haasan’s Thoonga Vanam has been showcasing the scintillating moments with more brilliant flashes. The film has lots of bonanzas in technical and narrative panoramas that come so much adorned with impeccable elements. With the film releasing on November 10 for the festive occasion of Diwali, we bring you five good reasons that makes it so special and unparalleled.

No speed breakers with songs

This has become one of the most debatable concepts in the recent times. A thriller with taut treatment that suddenly imbibes to sluggishness with songs that comes as speed breakers. Kamal Haasan and his team had made it a point of including any songs during the film as it might hamper the progressions of screenplay. But significantly, the song during final credits will be a special highlight.

Gesture of Guts to unveil the entire plot

During the contemporary times, when most of the makers faintly borrow or carry through the replica of many Hollywood and international movie, Kamal Haasan has clearly labeled it as the official remake of Sleepless Night. It’s setting up a new trend in Tamil cinema and kudoses to the entire team for this adaptation.

Limited characters with 100% completeness

Well, the characters you see in the making video or the trailer are the ones who are gonna be in the film. They are so limited that you can count at ease, but every character has a back story and reason to hunt upon each other, which will be precisely and neatly conveyed in these 129-minutes of action packed thriller. Trisha, Prakash Raj, Sampath, Asha Sharath, Kishore and many others including Madhu Shalini, Jagan and Chaams have lots to perform here.

Hollywood pattern of promotions

It’s not just the technical mode of making film, but even the phases involving pre-production to the promotions; everything has been processed in Hollywood panache. Even the trailer was launched at a particular time that correlates with the medical term of ‘Insomnia’, though the concept is just a small connection between them. Moreover, the release of two trailers in respective times and precise promotions including Live streaming of audio launch have indulged many to be adhered to this film.

Trisha’s statement of surprise

In one of her recent interviews, Trisha had mentioned that the director has tried something more unconventional or phenomenal between the protagonist and her character, which is something that is unseen in any Indian cinema. There is no hint of such thing in trailer or promotional videos.

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