Goosebumps Movie Review

A tailor made treat for Halloween Fest.

Reviews 4-Nov-2015 3:47 PM IST Top 10 Comments

More fantasies is something that Hollywood buffs earnestly expect for the Halloween Day and be it any grade of flick, they constantly look out for something more enthralling. Such happens to be the latest release ‘Goosebumps’ that has been released for this occasion. As you know something, there is no need to look in for the logical elements, but stick with the visual adventures of what you hear.

The film is about a teenager Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) who isn’t happy about moving from big luxurious city to an ordinary countryside. But his moments get enlivened, when he comes across a beautiful girl Hannah (Odeya Rush), but sooner his dad R.L. Stine (Jack Black) becomes an obstacle. The same night, Zach finds something more strange happening in the girl’s house at neighborhood and instantly calls up the cop for the situation. But again, Stine turns to be a wizard in turning the tables to other end of Zach being an intruder. Not giving up on the situation, he doesn’t give up and finally the beautiful girl safe inside when her dad has left outside. During this juncture, he accidentally opens a locked book through keys and rest is a fictional misadventure. The characters manuscripted in the book turn alive and they soon start creating nightmarish enigma.

The writers and director have been pretty clear about what they are actually about to present. It’s a fantasy film and there needn’t be any ways to get yourself marked up with logical aspects as cited about. Now and then the referring lines to Stephen King is pretty hilarious. Nevertheless, the story again is loosely a reminiscence of Stephen King stories.

Too many caricatured ghostly apparitions might evoke astonishment among kids, but after certain extent, we get too irked. Maybe, the director should have made it more commendable by involving some good cartoon characters, which might join these bunch of good hearts in settling the scores by end.

Verdict: A tailor made treat for Halloween Fest.

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