Om Shanthi Om Movie Review

An average fare with passable entertainment

Reviews 30-Oct-2015 4:26 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Surya Prabaakar
Production : 8 Point Entertainment
Starring : Srikanth, Neelam Upadhyaya
Music : Vijay Ebenezer
Cinematography : Bhaskaran K.M
Editing : Vivek Harshan

So much of ghost movies in the theatres and the overflowing don’t seem like stopping. But guess what Srikanth’s Om Shanthi Om was made before the times, where Kollywood had actually adhered itself to this genre. The film is loosely based on American TV Series Ghost Whisperers, where the protagonist becomes a source of medium for ghosts that are suffering from unfulfilled desires.


The film opens with an accident across Pazhani region and immediately the story commutes to six months later, where we find Srikanth as a happy youngster with decent job. He comes across a beautiful girl (Neelam Upadhyaya) and they fall in love followed by consecutive encounters. But sooner, things take a turn when Srikanth starts witnessing phenomenal experiences, where ghosts appear only to his sight.


A ghost movie with ‘U’ certificate gives an impression that it could be something meant for universal audiences. In all likelihood, the film although inspired from the famous American TV series Ghost Whisperers remains engrossing in parts. The first half gets through a passable phase with some good entertainment. Nevertheless, the same problem that occurs is most of the movies with good contents happens to be here as well. Yes, the running length should have been kept more intact and after certan extent, especially during second half, the film slightly drags us out. The sequences like Srikanth barging into medical shop seeking justice could have been trimmed. Although Vijay Ebenezer has given his best, the tracks that are placed in second half actually hamper the progression albeit good picturing… There are lots of logic missing, especially Balayya absence at marriage hall, which gives a strong impression of unveiling what the film is all about. Moreover, with so many ghost movies releasing in the array, the audiences might not be very much attracted to this comedy drama, especially if they have already seen Suriya’s Masss.


Srikanth has been deliberately looking up for a break and Om Shanthi Om doesn’t put him down or elevate him. Instead, he has done what is required for the character , but at the same time, he remains doubtful in certain sequences. We need to appreciate him in couple of sequences, where he enacts childlike ghost at hotel and running like an old man during the penultimate sequence. Neelam looks more beautiful in the songs rather than in rest of the portions. The comedian from Telugu film industry isn’t appealing though with his voice paradigms that sound like a Telugu dubbed version. Others in the cast have done their best. Naan Kadavul Rajendran offers best comedy therapy in few places.

What works?

1. Naan Kadavul Rajendran portions
2. Few engrossing moments
3. Couple of songs are okay

What doesn’t work?

1. Plenty of horror films and this one isn’t a surprise
2. The theme is similar to Suriya’s Masss
3. Lengthy duration

Overall, Om Shanthi Om is a mediocre film that comes late in time along the long queue of horror films. But this one is like a fantasy tale embossed with humour and if the narration was more effective with some interesting scenes with crisp narration and short duration, Om Shanthi Om would have been a better one.

Verdict : An average fare with passable entertainment

Rating : 4/10

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