Vijay appreciates Ajith Kumar

Vijay appreciates Ajith Kumar

News 29-Oct-2015 10:55 AM IST RM Comments

Although, both the fans of Vijay and Ajith Kumar are known for their cold vibes, it is worth mentioning that both the stars share a friendly bonding. It is worth mentioning both of them never miss to share their views and wishes on each other’s movies. While Vijay was busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘Vijay 59’, he happened to watch the teaser of Ajith Kumar’s Vedalam. The sources from the shooting spot claim that Vijay was so much stunned over the makeover of Ajith Kumar and extended his praises.

Who knows? Both Vijay and Ajith Kumar reside across the same lanes of ECR and maybe, they would be often shooting the breeze together.

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