Veteran Actor Sivakumar – A Living Inspiration of spirituality, discipline and dedication

Veteran Actor Sivakumar – A Living Inspiration of spirituality, discipline and dedication

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xperience is like a treasure that lies beneath and shines perpetually when exhibited. Sometimes, talents are developed, sometimes inherited, but the rarest of all is such gifts being inborn in few personalities. Veteran actor Sivakumar has been a living example of such endowments, where every generation of people have been constantly looking upon for his graceful literature skills and inspiring talks. When you dedicate your lives for something more meaningful, you turn ageless and numerous legends and inspirers vividly enlivening our spirits through their contributions. Not confining to the walls of wearing greasepaints, he embellished the beautiful moments and his reflections through paintings. An artist’s soul is youthful forever when he expresses the divinity through the paintings and his proficiency of enriched knowledge towards mythological literature is unceasing. Before years, he narrated the entire book of Ramayana in just 2hrs 15mins and years later, he came forth leaving hundreds of youngsters astonished with more energy and enthusiastic narration of Mahabharata, where his entire family members were spellbound.

Good habits enliven and purify the souls, thereby enhancing the sublime divinity in one. The great illustration to such instances happens to be Sivakumar sir brimming with pure habits that has been bestowing him with good health of mind and body.

A self-made selfless man with more affinity towards the mother earth and people…. When many actors in the name of popularity have their realms, he came forward and has been constantly giving the best ideas that actually sound more perfect in maintaining a prosperous and happy Nation. One among them includes his advice for linking rivers across India for a serene situation in well being of people, especially for farmers and agriculture.

We at Top 10 Cinema extend our birthday wishes to the living example that he may keep inspiring us in many movies with more accomplishments.

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