Rudramadevi Movie Review

An appreciable plot rolled up with middling writing

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Direction : Gunasekhar
Production : Gunaa Team Works
Starring : Anushka Shetty, Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Vikramjeet Virk, Prakash Raj
Music : Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography : Ajayan Vincent
Editing : A. Sreekar Prasad

Period films have been gradually conquering the K-town now and with the emergence of Baahubali as the winner, it has been getting more reception alongside the genre of ‘Fantasy’. In fact, Puli and the recent release Rudramadevi is such illustration, where there is a beam of new opening for such movies. The dubbed version of Rudramadevi in Tamil has been released and we bring something on analysis with this movie.


Set in the backdrops of Kakatiya dynasty, the reigning kingdom in trouble has a daughter born and in accordance to the attack from the neighbouring territories, they hatch plan to pose the girl as a boy named Rudradeva to keep their kingdom away from attacks. Finally, when the years pass and the situations arise, Rudramadevi reveals her true identity and rises power rescuing her Kingdom amidst problems.


Firstly, we need to appreciate Gunasekhar for making a grand budget film, which too is an out of the box genre in the history of South cinema, a period movie with female protagonist. Something more off a rarity we don’t see often. The grandeur expressed through art work by Thotta Tharani is more stunning though the cinematography could have been better. Being India’s first 3D stereoscopic film, the expectations were quite bigger, but again as it spearheads with this new technology, it could have been better done in an exquisite manner. In many places, we find that there is a sort of some mediocre. Moreover, the dubbing part is so much amateur in few places that makers should have keenly given attention towards. The first hour has some lively moments of establishing the characters but the second half is so much lengthy that it tests our patience... Musical score by Ilayaraja is appreciable, but neither the songs nor background actually merge with the visuals. There is a non-synch between them, which might not be blatant though. One of the major drawbacks in the film action choreography, which doesn’t stand up to the levels of what a ‘War’ film actually demands.


The hard work of Anushka, especially playing a queen warrior isn’t an easy way. The strain she has exerted is quite evident. But again, the stunt director should have made it more appealing and she could have made it more stunning than what she has done now. Allu Arjun gets his portions very well done, but the dubbing works for his part could have been little better. Rana Daggubati is herculean as before and it’s obvious that he has done this film for the sake of friendship. Prakash Raj is okay. But the actors like Suman and Aditya look like clowns rather than playing baddies in the courtyard. Moreover, a film that has strong protagonist should actually posses a baddie on powerful pars or somewhat more mammoth. But Rudramadevi lacks this very basic element that turns the film slightly down.

What works?

1. Hard work of Anushka though few flaws in stunts.
2. The basic plot of empowering women with historic background

What doesn’t work?

1. Dragging screenplay, especially in the second half
2. Visual effects

Overall, Rudramadevi hold special mention for being a film based on female centric realms, Gunasekar could have employed a better technical zone, which would have garnered excellent reception than now. Moreover, the narrative style could have been more intact and engrossing as well.

Verdict : An appreciable plot rolled up with middling writing

Rating : 4.5/10

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