Number 5 Lucky for Nayantara!!

Today Number 5 Lucky for Nayantara!!

News 16-Oct-2015 4:43 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Nayanthara can also be called the sweetheart of Tamil cinema, as a lot of people , both in the media and pulbic have been rooting for her success. Coming out with greatest films like ‘Thani Oruvan’and ‘Maya’ this lady has proved her proficiency in these films which gained good results in reviews and box office collections as well. It seems like the actress is lucky with the number 5, as her film ‘Thani oruvan’ has reached the 50th day on screens,with her horror flick ‘Maya’ on its 5th week and her upcoming film ‘Naanum RowdyThaan’ has 5 days more to hit the screens. Luckily the actresses BMW also has the registration number as single 5.

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