Kutram Kadithal Review

A well told story with a socially excellent concept.

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Direction : Bramma.G
Production : JSK Film Corporation
Starring : Radhika Prasitha, Sai Rajkumar, Master Ajay, Pavel Navageethan
Music : Shankar Rangarajan
Cinematography : Manikandan
Editing : C.S. Prem

Winning heavy downpour of laurels and accolades across International film festivals and National award for best film, director Bramma’s Kuttram Kadithal hits screens worldwide today.


Sai Rajkumar and Radhika Prasitha are newlywed couple with all having a good beginning. Sai works for an engineering firm and Radhika is a reputed teacher in a school. When one of her colleagues takes off, she is replaced to handle the children at 5th grade. Ajay, a young boy keeps creating disturbances with childish attitude and unable to resist his irking gestures, she slaps the boy that lands him in coma. Filled with fear and anxiety, she along with her husband rush to some other place outside city and rest of the film is about the emotional trauma that these characters go through.


It’s been a disappointing scenario till now, where not many Indian films had carried the substantial essence of Sex Education and Children management at schools. Thanks to director Bramma have emphasizing the importance of it through this film. One more highlighting trait about this film is that the director never lets the screenplay astray towards commercial zone. Moreover, the inclusion of star-cast with so much of naturalistic shades makes it more commendable.

Although the initial moments of this film are slightly sluggish, the dramatic events soon gain the momentum of pace after 20 minutes the show begins. Shankar Rangarajan’s mellisonant music and meaningful songs (Courtesy – Legend Poet Bharathiyar) and Manikandan’s cinematography embellish the naturalistic appeal of this film with more appeal.


Radhika Prasitha is a blessing to this film and her performance is something unbeatable that many actresses in the recent times have not been able to score brownie points with. The sequences, where she tries to elope from the city and on the halfway decides to meet the student’s mother. The moment, where she falls at the feet of her is so much emotional that throws up lump in our throats. The one performing the role of Ajay’s uncle Navageethan is excellent. Sai Rajkumar performing the role of Radhika’s husband exerts convincing performance. Ajay, the young boy with chirpy attitude has very well performance the show….

What works?

1. Screenplay and narration.
2. Perfect casting and brilliant performance
3. Cinematography, editing and music that offers solid support.

What doesn’t work?

Nothing in special, except the fact that initial moments in the film (20 minutes) are slightly slower, but that doesn’t hamper the film’s progression….

Kuttram Kadithal is a film that is surely a pride and honour to Tamil cinema much alike Kaaka Muttai. The film is something really that shouldn’t be missed by everyone, especially parents, teachers and students.

Verdict : A well told story with a socially excellent concept.

(Since we cannot rate the film Kutram Kadithal on commercial aspects, we have avoided the ratings.)

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