Kirumi Movie Review

Good but could have been better

Reviews 24-Sep-2015 5:56 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Anucharan
Produced by : K Jayaram, L Prithiviraj, M Jayaraman, S Rajendran
Starring : Reshmi Menon, Kathir, Charle, Vanitha Thennavan
Music : Krishna Kumar
Cinematography : Arul Vincent
Editing : Anucharan

An youngster’s life takes a turn through his job as FOP – Friend of Police, when he messes with people he shouldn’t have. Debutant Anu Charan kick-starts his directorial venture with this film that stars Madha Yaanai Koottam fame Kathir and Reshmi Menon in lead roles with Charlie, David Solomon and Thenvannan performing important characters.


Kathir plays a guy with less intelligence and someone so normal with no big aims in life. He is married to Reshmi Menon, who earns along with his mother. They have a baby and yet Kathir looks irresponsible. Apparently, his well wisher Charlie gets him a petty job with police department, where he has to seize vehicles and check drivers during night times. On an unexpected turn, his life goes through nightmarish encounters, when he locks horn with few people, he shouldn’t have.


Director Anu Charan has crafted a script that is somewhat new to us all. We have see the protagonists of Tamil cinema in various roles, but this one is something unusual and he has managed to narrate the story with pragmatic approach rather than including commercial elements. The sequences that involves the activities of FOP, where youngsters accompany cops for regular visits and vehicle seizing is something fresh… However, the director seems to have completely stuck towards realism and has narrated with same essence, which ends with too raw climax.

The technicians in this film stand out to be the major showstoppers as they manage to offer top-notch background score, cinematography and editing across the show.


Almost all the characterisations in the film have been carved with a perfect niche. There is nothing to be blamed on the artistes for they do a perfect job. Especially, David Solomon who appears as a cop is spectacular with his gray shaded role. Kathir of Madha Yaanai Koottam fame has managed to improvise his proficiency in acting. Reshmi Menon albeit not having to do with actual dramatic events gains our sympathy with her performance sans make up. Charlie is convincing and his portions involve emotional episodes.

What works?

1. Unique premise of story and pragmatic narration
2. Cinematography, music and editing

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Climax

We appreciate debutant Anu Charan for making a neat film at such a low budget. If he had tried to focus more on the screenplay and make it more effective including the climax, the film would have surely had a great impact more than what it has made now.

Verdict : Good but could have been better

Rating : 4/10

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