Everest Movie Review

Stunning visuals and sound with less emotions.

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Naturally, when a Man Vs Nature film arrives from Hollywood, we are predominantly occupied with assumptions that at least 500 cars or houses would be washed up and almost all parts of the world would be flooded. Such has been the impactful films we have been witnessing in the recent times. Especially to make an illustration, it goes well with movies like Day after tomorrow, 2012 et al, where emotions and sentiments become the top order of the hour amidst the natural catastrophic events. Stay little afar from this usual pattern, Baltasar Kormakur brings a real life pictorial of the disastrous event that happened during the 1996 Everest Expedition.

The film features Jason Clarke as the topmost personality of Adventure Consultants and there are more climbers from various parts of the globe aspiring to touch the peak of Everest which includes, Beck Weathers, John Hawkes’s a postal worker, Doug Hansen, and Naoko Mori’s Yasuko Namba, a Japanese tycoon who has been dreaming to make her Everest expedition all throughout her life. Things get bitter when they have accomplished with the peak reach only to witness the catastrophic snow cyclone washing their lives away.

The makers have cleverly managed to pull in some brilliant writers, especially Simon Beaufoy who wrote a similar script for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. Additionally William Nicholson comes up with adding something unique to plot, by portraying the realistic approach rather than sending us drenched with sentimental downpour. Much more than the actors who are on the peak of Everest, it’s Emily Watson who scores brownie points alongside Robin Wright and Keira Knightley. Emily’s emotions are the greatest attribute that kindles the sentimental desire leaving our eyes moistened in many places.

Technically, it’ the sound design that stuns the most part of the film with such a gripping detailing to everything we see.

Although, Everest cannot be one of the best told films based on nature Vs man oriented thrillers, it’s a pretty good experience but the basic plot itself is pathos with just one getting back out of love and hope.

Verdict : Stunning visuals and sound with less emotions.

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