5 reasons to watch Nayantara’s Maya

5 reasons to watch Nayantara’s Maya

Features 16-Sep-2015 2:18 PM IST RM Comments

It’s getting really exotic for the audiences are gearing up to experience the paranormal experience through a new dimensional technical and narrative spell by debutant Ashwin. With Nayantara’s Maya hitting screens tomorrow, we bring you 5 good reasons to watch this film.

1. An unconventional supernatural thriller - We might have come across various horror films, at least one hitting screens every Friday, but this one is exceptional. Close sources acclaim that Maya will have a new of its kind narration and the spine-chilling moments would be mind blowing.

2. Nayantara - The Showstopper – She is almost considered as the Indian Meryl Streep, who is known to experiment with uniquely powerful roles. She has already proved her adeptness with her performance in Kahaani remake and this one should add more rise to her graph.

3. The real atmosphere effect - The Sound editors have worked with special effects capturing some real life sounds inside deepest forests for this movie. The audiences can experience a fabulous experience watching them at DOLBY ATMOS equipped theatres.

4. The shuddering Gothic music - His background score and songs are sure to leave you completely emotional and at places adjoined to the eerie ambience. Epecially the Gothic music he has offered for the background score.

5. The enigmatic characters - You might have seen many characters in the film’s trailer including Aari, Lakshmi Priya, Reshmi Menon, Amzadh, Sharath, Robot Shankar and many more. These characters might or might not meet, but they have something more to offer than you perceive in this film.

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