Thani Oruvan Movie Review


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Direction : Mohan Raja
Production : AGS Entertainment
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy, Nayantara
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : Ramji
Editing : Gopikrishna

An unexpected surprise!!! To make an incisive verdict, this could be the appropriate adjective to mark upon Thani Oruvan that comes from the most promising brother duo Raja-Ravi. The duo had earlier churned out some remakes, which were commendably noted as family entertainers. Taking a long break from his directorial hiatus post-Velayudham, he is back with a bang now with Thani Oruvan. The film is produced by AGS Entertainment with an ensemble star-cast of Aravind Swamy, Nayantara, Ganesh Venkatraman and many in the league.


The film is about two personalities of contrastive nature. One is Siddarth (Aravind Swamy) who keeps creating headlines for many reasons and he is one of the most desired elite personality of this country. On the other end, there is Mithran (Ravi), who is so much inspired by new stories and wants to make his life bigger by confronting the greatest enemy of his lifetime and that's Siddarth. The combat of mind games that prevails between them is narrated with some gripping moments.


As cited above as 'An unexpected surprise', the film remains to be so as Raja seems to have undergone a tremendous change in his approach to cinema and astonish us with a vivid film. What makes the film so special and in contrast to other recent releases is that the running length is around 160 minutes and yet things remain intact. Firstly, the filmmaker deserves special mention for this attribute. Perhaps, the initial moments of the film has some sequences that might not be so much coherent to the script. It takes nearly an intermission for the protagonist and antagonist to clash up, but the post-intermission sequences are presented in an engrossing manner that you'll enjoy till the end. Especially, the climax moments are extraordinary, where Aravind Swamy eclipses everyone in the frame, even Jayam Ravi himself. Nayantara has a role that remains to be constantly travelling in major portions of this film. Raja has made it clear of not distracting the audiences into the parallel track of romance, but keeps it adherent with the screenplay. So is the humour, where he doesn't have an additional scene, but blends it accordingly. Well, the film doesn't deserve humour, but Raja has made it creatively placed with the episodes involving Aravind Swamy and Thambi Ramaiah, who plays his father.
Cinematographer Ramji has tried presenting some visuals in different tones, but in some places they look little odd. The abrupt cuts in the editing could have been avoided. The songs by Hip Hop Tamizha are appreciable, but he has to seriously work on the background score.


Jayam Ravi has been constantly appearing in theatres with lots of releases, say three films in the row of two months span. But this one is really promising for the chap, who exerts his complete energy into the movie. The first half has lots of prominence to this chap and once Aravind Swamy appears, it's a tug of war between them as they try to overshadow each other in a perfect manner. But Aravind Swamy is colossal with an unforeseen baddie avatar. Possibly, he stands out to be one of the most glamorous villains that Indian film industry as seen so far. Nayantara as mentioned appears in a quite good characterization. Although she has exhibited some glamour in the song sequences, she appears to be perfect with her onscreen presence. Ganesh Venkatraman is prodigious with his spell and does the best justice to his role. Vamsi Krishna doesn't get more scope. Thambi Ramaiah works out some good humour in places. Watch out for the scene where Aravind Swamy narrates a King and monkey tale only to get irked with a funny response. 'Fashion' fame Mugdha Godse doesn't get a substantial role and she could have been utilised for better.

What works?

1. Aravind Swamy
2. Screenplay
3. Perfect casting and good characterisations.

What doesn't work?

1. Few things are inappropriate in the first half
2. The film lacks logic in few parts

Overall, Thani Oruvan brings back director Raja in a perfect form and offers new dimension to almost everyone in the cast, including Aravind Swamy. The film would surely cater to the tastes of universal audiences and it's a film to watch out.


Rating : 5.5/10

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