Jigina Movie Review

 Facebook – Connection Error.

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Starring : Vijaya Vasanth, Saniyathara
Direction : Ravi Nanda Periyasamy
Cinematography : Balaji v.Ranga
Editor : Gopi Krishna
Music Director : John peters
Producers : N. Subash Chandra Bose & K.Thirukadal Kadal Udhayam

Vijay Vasanth-Saniya starrer Jigina directed by Nandha Periyasamy is about the adverse effects of youngsters dating on Facebook. The film is released by Thirrupathi Brothers and has seen a wide release yesterday.


The film opens with Vijay Vasanth standing on top of suicide point in Kodaikanal with tears in eyes. The story immediately shifts back to the past with Sathyaraj’s voiceover. We see Vijay Vasanth as an average looking cab driver. His friends working in IT insist him to join Facebook with fake Id and grab girls’ attention and eventually makes the one – Saniya fall in love through chatting. But sooner, the twist arrives in an unpredictable manner.


Vijay Vasanth has done all the best he could do for this film, although it offers little scope. In few places, we see him overact and Saniya on the other hand has nothing impressive to do with. Nothing to blame on the actors for it’s poor and flimsy characterisations, dialogues and situations that eclipse their earnest efforts. Ravi Mariah appears in a very few scenes. Kumki Ashwin as IT chap is unacceptable. The one appearing as baddie turns the theatres into extreme laughter with ridiculous gesture. Singam Puli irks in some places with his usual style.


Director Nandha Periasamy deserves a good appreciation for picking a unique storyline. But it’s so much outdated that it should have been made when FB was on the peak with online dating touching greater scales. Well, now the FB fever has almost declined with lots of more advancements happening. This puts back the film with less interest and a fallible writing with no engrossing moments leaves you bored by the first few minutes. The technical department has done a very average job with cinematography and editing looking amateur. The songs were quite good when heard on audio, but doesn’t get a decent picturing here.

What works?

Basic Theme

What doesn’t work?

Almost everything

Nandha Periyasamy has borrowed a very good theme for this film that could have been a real big sensation if delivered with an engaging narration and good technical output.

Verdict : Facebook – Connection Error.

Rating : 3/10

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