Prasanna-Sneha bestowed with baby boy

Prasanna-Sneha bestowed with baby boy

News 11-Aug-2015 10:55 AM IST RM Comments

Actors Prasanna and Sneha showcased a wonderful onscreen chemistry in the film ‘Acchamundu Acchamundu’ and later got married few years after their relationship. While Sneha continued to act in few films after marriage, she put a hold to the showbiz before a year and was reported to be pregnant. Last night, she has delivered a baby boy and spangled with happiness, Prasanna has conveyed the news to all the friends in the industry and family through his micro-blogging page.

We at Top 10 Cinema convey our heartiest wishes to Prasanna and Sneha, their newborn baby for more cherishing moments to continue in their lives forever.

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