Srimanthudu Movie Review

Sit back, chill out and enjoy

Reviews 7-Aug-2015 6:32 PM IST RM Comments

Srimanthudu holds a unique speciality. It consists of usual Telugu film contents that boast with an equal mix of action, comedy, sentiments and romance. It is nowhere different from what we have found seen plethora in Telugu cinema. Yet, it hits the bull’s eyes keeping us engaging for a greater extent. The film is directed by Koratala Siva featuring an ensemble star-cast of Mahesh Babu, Shruthi Haasan, Jagapathi Babu, Rajendra Prasad, Sukanya, Sitara, Ali and many in the list.

The plot of Srimanthudu is just like onionskin, where the protagonist, son of Country’s one of the richest businessmen moves to a village that desperately needed a saviour. The people here are suffering from serious threats of goons who are ruining their lives and future. Rest of the tale a you predict moves the right way.

In spite of possessing the usual commercial style, what makes Srimanthudu work out best results is the screen presence of Mahesh Babu. He is elegant, stunning and super cool throughout the drama. Be it the romantic scenes or the action blocks, he simply carries the charisma with volatile impact. Couple of action sequences – One at the wedding party and the other by intermission is mind-boggling. His dialogue deliveries are powerful but when simply delivered adds more intensity to it. After a long time, perhaps, the first time we see Shruthi Haasan essaying an important character. She gets a vital role much prominent in the plot. Jagapathi Babu looks stylish and in fact scores more brownie points with his characterisation. The scene where he melts down emotionally listening to his son’s voice after a long time is eyes moistening. Sukanya might not have more to perform, but she does best to her character. Rahul of Moscowin Kaveri fame is good. Rajendra Prasad is captivating with his emotional quotients. The comedians do their parts well with more humour in places.

Devi Sri Prasad has composed songs that get a great response from Mahesh Babu fans, but he could have scored better with background score. Mathie’s cinematography is the biggest asset as he maintains a cool mood throughout the film. Anal Arasu stunts are breathtaking.

While the first half is treated very well with entertaining moments, but things turn slightly sluggish during the second hour. If it was kept trimmed with some tight sequences, it would have surely been an extraordinary entertainer. But this doesn’t turn up to be a minus as there are emotions and action in best halves to keep Mahesh Babu fans and family audiences engrossed.

Verdict: Sit back, chill out and enjoy

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