Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Promising plot but unconvincingly told

Reviews 7-Aug-2015 5:10 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : A. Sarkunam
Production : B Studios
Starring : Atharvaa, Anandhi
Music : S. N. Arunagiri
Cinematography : P. G. Muthiah

A year of hiatus and Atharva Murali returns with Bala (as producer) in Chandi Veeran, directed by Sargunam. The film much alike the previous films of this moviemaker belongs to the rural backdrops, but this time with a substantial plot.


It’s a feud between two villages, where Lal has a water reservoir lake leased for seven years and he pollutes them for his own selfish reasons of village. The neighbouring village suffers a lot due to the consumption of salt water from this source. Atharvaa who worked in Singapore gets back to his village and falls in love with Lal’s daughter (Anandhi). Eventually, he gets interwoven into the feud that happens between two villages due to the water crisis.


Sargunam always depicts his films in the backdrops of Southern Tamil Nadu and surrounding locales capturing the realistic lifestyle and culture. We have very well seen them in his previous films and this one isn’t an exception. For instance, the cultural and games show episodes of what we see during the first half and how villagers take it seriously as prestigious means is very well depicted with humour. But it actually takes nearly an hour for the actual plot to be unveiled. By the time we are introduced to the premise, the intermission occurs and second hour actually doesn’t convince us greatly. There seems to be a slight confusion of whether it’s a humour based film or an action one. While things are completely proceeding in thriller mode, we have the speed breakers with songs that hamper the progression and the climax suddenly shifting to fun zone is okay, but unacceptable. The cinematography is good in places and the background by Sabesh Murali is appreciable.


Atharvaa is still in the mania of Paradesi and we can clearly sense it throughout the film. He tries to deliver his best, but it’s something noteworthy that he is capable of performing strikingly unconventional roles, but why he is stuck into too normal ones. Anandhi looks beautiful in homely role, but her scope is too limited. Lal is the showstopper juggling between serious and humorous shades. Bose Venkat is seen in montages during flashback and adds no strength to the film.

What works?

1. A serious water issue theme as backdrop
2. Few humorous portions

What doesn’t work?

1. Confusing placement of humour and action
2. Lack of drama in second half.

Overall, Sandi Veeran holds a good plot in the backdrops, but Sargunam who delivered a decent narration in some of his previous films disappoints here.

Verdict : Promising plot but unconvincingly told

Rating : 4/10

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