Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation Movie Review

Tom Cruise, stunts and what else you need?

Reviews 6-Aug-2015 4:30 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Watch his daredevilry 100 times in the trailer and yet you’re moved to edge of seats right during the first few minutes as Tom Cruise clings towards the peaking flight and offers you Goosebumps. Welcome the franchise 5 – Rogue Nation and our 53-yr old protagonist (but in reality looks as though 35, courtesy to his mind-boggling stunts) has everything befitting the brand name. You pay for the tickets and you’re enthralled to the core.

The plot is simple – Syndicate, a violent group that can devastate an entire city with an impeccable plan. It’s head Solomon Lane (played by Sean Harris) is almost the same to the entire world including CIA as they perceive him to be Hunt (Tom Cruise) and they insist to shut down IMF. It’s now up to the macho along with his bunch of loyal friends Benji (Simon Pegg), Brandt (Jeremy Runner) and Luther (Ving Rhames) embarks on a journey of mission – Mission Impossible. This time, we have the hot and gorgeous girl Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) who keeps you on guess if she’s a baddie or goodie. Her piercing smile offers the best spell that even the knife fight can be overshadowed by the penultimate sequence.

Filmmaker McQuarrie has clearly understood the essence of this franchise and never lets you down anywhere. He cleverly spreads the high-volatile action sequences for every 20 minutes and there are no scenarios, where your attention gets scattered. It all starts off with the flight sequence followed by the assassination drama at Opera, unbelievable underwater stunts, bike chase, Knife fight and a perfect climax to end up the show.

Tom Cruise’s energy is relentless and his charisma that we saw in the earlier instalments has never faded. Others in the cast Simon and Jeremy along with Ving Rhames throw up the best ingredients to keep us enchanted. But the icing of cake is Rebecca who woos you tremendously with her oomph factors and stunt sequences. Harris plays a perfect baddie that we had never seen in any antagonistic characterisations of the past instalments. His low tone voice and mannerisms, the way he stops the timing at 19 micro seconds are terrific.

On the whole, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation throws up an unbeatable adrenaline with immense value for stunts, star-cast, twists in the tale. The dialogues are given more prominence than the previous episodes and finally to wind up, it’s Tom Cruise all the way.

Verdict : Tom Cruise, stunts and what else you need?

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