Sakalakalavallavan Appatakkar Movie Review

Watch it on your own interest

Reviews 31-Jul-2015 6:36 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Suraj
Production : Lakshmi Movie Makers
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Trisha, Anjali, Soori, Vivek
Music : S. Thaman
Cinematography : U. K. Senthil Kumar
Editing : R.K Selva

Perhaps, a long interval of around 3 years and Jayam Ravi is back with supposed to ‘Bang’ effect. His much awaited ‘Bhooloham’ is still inside cans and his comeback film ‘Romeo Juliet’ gained him some decent reviews. This Friday, we have his ‘Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar’ directed by commercial masala genre filmmaker Suraj, produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers. The film stars Trisha, Anjali, Soori, Vivek, Prabhu, Naan Kadavul Rajendran in important roles.


Jayam Ravi is a happy-go-lucky youngster in a village and is in love with beautiful Anjali, who happens to be Aththai Ponnu (cousin relationship eligible to marry as per Tamil customs) of Soori. On an occasion, Jayam Ravi visits Chennai to attend the wedding of his cousin girl Trisha and on the spur of moment with her bridegroom getting arrested by police, Ravi to save the family reputation marries her. But sooner, he is snatched by the situations due to disharmony between modern Trisha and the village based Ravi. She seeks divorce from him and in the interim the arrival of Vivek creates funny situation.


What can you expect from Suraj, a filmmaker who strives to cater the tastes of B and C audiences? The masala entertainer loaded with foreign duets, limitless glamour, some steamy romantic scenes to quench the teen’s hormonal tastes and so on. The film completely travels on the same lanes. The first half involves the episodes of romance between Ravi and Anjali, where Soori becomes the buffoon of hilarious emblem. Similarly, in the second hour with the Ravi-Trisha portions, the comedian has the same thing to perform. But to be precise, the humorous quotients are completely missing. Vivek makes a surprising arrival in second half with dual role impact, but sooner he is seen often indulged in double entendres. It really lets us wonder how come censor board had granted ‘U’ certificate, which might become a hassling impact for the family audiences, especially if you’re watching this film with kids. Additionally, the overdose of glamour from Trisha and Anjali is spicy element. Thaman hasn’t strained anything to give something special and he recreates the same old Telugu tunes for the songs and same for his background score. R.K. Senthil Kumar has tried offering colourful visuals and excels and editing looks old patterned.


As mentioned earlier, just as Suraj, Jayam Ravi has supposedly taken up this project in accordance of savouring the tastes of C centre audiences. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fit the role anywhere, but exerts the best efforts with commercial pattern of steamy scenes, action and sentiments just as any other commercial hero. Anjali is seen in a prototyped role and Trisha is used up for glam-effect. Both of them have deliberately given more skin shows. Soori hardly makes us laugh and Vivek’s double entendre is a huge disappointment. Prabhu and many prominent actors have failed to get proper scope. Naan Kadavul Rajendran struggles a lot to enthral us, but his efforts go in vain.

What works?

1. The glamorous feast of Trisha and Anjali might quench the teen audiences.
2. Few comedy sequences.

What doesn’t work?

Nothing works! Be it narrative story, screenplay or the technical aspects, everything is disappointing.

If you’ve prepared your mind to give what Suraj had offered in his previous films, it’s get-go moment to buy tickets for this film.

Verdict: Watch it on your own interest

Rating : 3.5/10

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