Orange Mittai Movie Review

An emotional bittersweet experience

Reviews 31-Jul-2015 12:05 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Biju Viswanath
Production : Vijay Sethupathi Production
Starring : Vijay Sethupathi, Ramesh Thilak, Aashritha
Music : Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography : Biju Viswanath
Editing : Biju Viswanath

Journey is a destination – There is no end to emotions, joy and what we feel that would have an end. A bittersweet tale of relationship with well crafted screenplay and beautiful characterizations make Orange Mittai a splendid film that will be a cherishing moment to watch out. The film is directed by Biju Viswanath, who has handled cinematography and editing with Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Thilak playing the lead roles.


As the film opens, we find Sathya (Ramesh), an ambulance driver is not happy about the insistence of his yet to be father-in-law. 5 years old love story with Kavya (Aashritha) as dwindling and this is when he gets a call with a patient struggling from heart attack – Kailasam (Vijay Sethupathi), a 55-yr old sick patient. They have own their past of bitter moments – Sathya has lost his father and Kailasam with a cursing son. The journey of ambulance begins and things turn odd with fun, annoyance and finally bonding these contrastive characters together just like father and son.


How to start off the analysis? We remain speechless throughout the film and there is no moment, where you take your eyes away from the screens. You’re directly pulled into the film and somewhere you forget you are audience and start enjoying the film. Especially, if you belong to male cohorts, you would definitely love it. It’s a ‘Drama’, so one need expect anything racy here. The film is emotionally engaging with a screenplay with Avant-Garde pattern. The first half has a running length of just 45 minutes and second half 60 minutes. Moreover, if the director had extended the film by few minutes, it would have become more boring. The scenes involving Vijay Sethupathi, Ramesh and other one as Ambulance driver is fun filled. The light-hearted comedy tracks, especially the scene, where Vijay Sethupathi dances for ‘Adiye Manam Nilluna Nikkaadhadi’ is clap worthy. The closing chapter with open ending where Ashok Selvan makes a cameo is fun-filled one. The cinematography and editing by Biju Viswanath adds more intensity. He has carefully visualized his dream script paper with precise neatness. The songs by Justin Prabhakaran is a marvelous one, but the background score could have been better. He is sure to leap into league of promising music directors with this film.


Vijay Sethupathi is remarkably marvelous. We have seen him perform unique roles and this one is the best of all milestones. He deserves many awards and the best one could be filling our eyes in tears at moments. First we would like to congratulate him as a producer and then an actor. There is no scene, where we feel that he is acting for he has breathed his complete into the skin of Kailasam. He evokes laughter merely with his body language and mannerisms. The hospital scene, where he wants to get out of the pain is heart-wrenching and the very next scene, where he dances of ‘Adiye Manam Nilluna Nikkaadhadi’ is laughter riot. Ramesh Thilak stuns with an unforeseen performance and thanks to Biju for choosing him here. Aashritha appears in just few scenes, but makes a good screen presence and Aarumugam is a complete hilarious master. His dialogue deliveries are very well done. Karunkaran has no dialogues and his cameo is just okay. But the cameo of Ashok Selvan with just his reactions before the final credits is splendid and humorous.

What works?

1. Vijay Sethupathi’s brilliant performance
2. Ramesh Thilak and star-cast
3. Cinematography
4. Background score by Justin Prabhakaran

What doesn’t work?

1. Doesn’t hold commercial elements
2. First few minutes is little sluggish.

Orange Mittai might not be a commercial hit, but will surely offer an emotional connection to the audiences (family audiences). It’s a rare film we see in Kollywood and the entire team, especially Vijay Sethupathi deserves special mention for producing and acting here.

Verdict : An emotional bittersweet experience

Rating : 5/10

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